First green school being built in Tehran
First green school being built in Tehran
– The first green school in Iran is being built in the capital city of Tehran in line with the goal of environmental sustainability, Ali Shahri, director general of the organization for renovation, development and equipment of Tehran schools has stated.

Green schools, also known as eco-schools, bring a range of benefits, including waste management, waste reduction, biodiversity, energy, water, transport, health, global sustainability, healthy nutrition, citizenship and climate change. Countries considering their own socioeconomic and cultural characteristics must be able to adapt these criteria into their own particular circumstances.

The school stretching over 7,000 square meters, is located in district 5. It will be constructed by the organization for renovation, development and equipment of schools, he explained.

He further highlighted that it is the first school meeting green standards in the country, and will be completed by the next two years, ISNA reported on Sunday.

“We need to create green schools in such a way that reduction in energy and water consumption is tangible, while having proper light for expansion of green spaces,” he also noted.

“During the construction project, students and school staff are also trained to use energy efficiently. In other words, environmental education is on the agenda, through which environmental protection will be promoted in some 50 schools,” he concluded.

Current environmental problems are rooted in the lack of proper awareness and cultural weakness regarding the relationship between man and nature. Under such circumstances, environmental issues have only belatedly been recognized in school activities worldwide and led to the initiation of green schools. Effective school programs should not only help students to progress the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for responsible environmental behavior, but also have the potential to spread awareness of the concept.

  • source : Tehrantimes