Expansion of investment with the development of infrastructure in Lamerd Special Economic Zone
Expansion of investment with the development of infrastructure in Lamerd Special Economic Zone
Lamerd Special Economic Zone has seriously used its full capacity to build infrastructure. With the efforts of the management complex, despite all the problems, with the development of infrastructure, we are witnessing the expansion of the presence of investors.

Expansion of investment with the development of infrastructure in Lamerd Special Economic Zone

TEHRAN (Iran News) Ehsan Ansari, CEO of Lamerd Special Zone, pointed to the approximate value of 20,000 billion rials in infrastructure development contracts in Lamerd Special Economic Zone. He added: “This amount of investment has been made in infrastructure projects in the region.” These projects include: construction of civil infrastructure, construction of 132 kV power transmission line, construction of customs warehouses and warehouses in the region, and installation of the second special zone weighbridge.
Ansari further mentioned the new investments in the region: The investments made in Lamerd Special Economic Zone are: concluding a contract for the construction of two petro-refinery complexes with an investment volume of $ 200 million and anticipating the presence of two more petrochemicals by the end of the year. Is.
He expressed hope and said: “With the construction and creation of petrochemicals in the region, we will see a boom in production and sustainable employment.”
The CEO of Lamerd Special Economic Zone pointed to two important and national projects in the region and stated: Guaranteed purchase of water from a private sector investor in the form of water transfer plan from the Persian Gulf to Lamerd Special Economic Zone and its bedrock for development in the province and The country was outstanding. Also, the construction of the Lamerd-Parsian freeway to facilitate access to the Parsian port wharf can be considered as other prominent measures of the Lamerd economic zone and the Imidro organization. The approximate value of these projects is estimated at about 60,000 billion rials.
Ansari in the field of social responsibilities of Lamerd Special Economic Zone and Imidro Organization, referred to the executive operations of the second axis of Lamerd to Khanj. He added: “With the participation of Imidro, the initial stages of the project of doubling the road in front of the special zone have been started, in order to reduce the risks and road accidents.” He also considered the help and support of the neighboring villages affected by the floods in line with the social responsibilities of this region, he added: “After the torrential rains in Lamerd and causing damage, the people of the neighboring villages were helped.” For this purpose, water supply was done from the special area to the neighboring village. The residential building for the two affected families was constructed with the benevolent action of the contractors of Lamerd Special Economic Zone.
It should be noted that Lamerd Special Economic Zone is one of the complexes covered by the Organization for Development and Renovation of Mines and Mining Industries of Iran (Imidro). This region is located in the south of Fars province and adjacent to the two provinces of Hormozgan and Bushehr (Assaluyeh).