Iran to Increase Gas Exports
Iran to Increase Gas Exports
TEHRAN - Iran is about to raise gas exports to neighboring Iraq to 35 million cubic meters a day this year, head of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) Hassan Montazer Torbati said.

“Last year we exported gas to Turkey, Baghdad and Basra with an average of over 40 million cubic meters a day, and this year, gas exports to Iraq will reach more than 35 million cubic meters per day,” he told a news conference in Tehran.


Torbati also said Iran’s gas refinery and transmission capacity will reach more than a billion cubic meters a day by the end of the current Iranian year on February 20, 2020.

Iran is currently increasing gas exports to a number of countries including Turkey, Iraq, Armenia and Azerbaijan, officials say.

Torbati said in March Turkey, which depends on gas-fired plants for nearly 40 percent of its electricity, had requested to purchase more natural gas from Iran.

Turkey is currently a key importer of Iranian natural gas, with 11 billion cubic meters shifted along the Tabriz-Ankara pipeline annually.

Montazer Torbati said NIGC was planning to start liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports in the coming years.

The official said that NIGC, supported by powerful domestic contractors, could step in major projects in neighboring countries.

He said Iran had not made a final decision as to sue Pakistan for the gas pipeline.

“We are fully ready to export natural gas to Pakistan; maybe the recent meetings by officials of the two countries pave the ground for gas exports,” he said.

He said NIGC was not in agreement with Turkmenistan over the amount of their dues. However, “we are considering cooperation with Turkmenistan for gas imports either by state or private sectors.”

NIGC registered 750 million cubic meters of gas transmission record last calendar year (which ended on March 20), the official said. “This year, the volume can cross 900 mcm.”

Torbati further added that Iran’s gas exports to Turkey, Baghdad and Basra reached 40 mcm/d on average last calendar year.

Iran’s gas exports to neighboring Iraq will cross 35 mcm/d this year, he went on to add.

On increasing the price of gas in the country, he said that the company does not intend to increase the price, adding that one of the priorities of the company is to feed the petrochemical companies.

On the Oil Show, he said that holding such exhibitions is one of the suitable ways to confront the U.S. sanctions because it can put on display national capabilities for foreigners.

Torbati also said that by 3 years, the whole country will come under coverage of gas supply and Iran will be the first whose territory is fully under gas supply coverage.

He also added that the company is pursuing joint investment with Azerbaijan for transfer of gas to Europe.

  • source : IRAN NEWS