Failure to notify does not mean failure to act: Foreign Ministry
Failure to notify does not mean failure to act: Foreign Ministry
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani has mentioned that how Tehran had responded to the use of a fictitious name for the Persian Gulf during a recent sporting event in Iraq.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani has mentioned that how Tehran had responded to the use of a fictitious name for the Persian Gulf during a recent sporting event in Iraq.

In a weekly conference, he talked about how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had complained to the Iraqi government about the matter, and that Ministry of Sport and Youth and Football Federation had also taken action to protest the move.

“Charlie Hebdo caricatures clear instance of hate speech”

Kanaani has denounced the offensive caricature published by Charlie Hebdo, calling the action a blatant example of hate speech and a provocation, noting, Charlie Hebdo caricatures were offensive to both the status of women in society and the religious sanctuaries of the Iranian people.

“We are disappointed that this magazine is produced in a country that claims to cherish values and defend others’ rights but fails to stand by the most evident principles and standards that govern international law,” he added.

The official reaffirmed that the Iranian foreign ministry had summoned the French ambassador in Tehran shortly after the desecration to inform that country that the caricatures had disrespected Islamic beliefs.

The spokesperson said that the Zionist regime of Israel was involved in the dissemination of the Charlie Hebdo caricatures since the event coincided with the Zionists’ attempt to damage the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Palestine.

He called on all governments and countries throughout the globe to respond appropriately to such sacrilegious actions and lambasted the French government for encouraging the distribution of offensive cartoons under the guise of freedom of speech.

“Iran, China comprehensive deal result of officials’ political will”

Regarding the 25-year partnership agreement signed by Iran and China, Kanaani stated that it demonstrates the political will of senior officials of the two countries to advance bilateral ties. He also noted that the two sides would keep holding negotiations to facilitate the partnership agreement’s implementation.

“Afghanistan embassy in Iran”

In response to a question on the operation of Afghanistan’s embassy in Iran, he remarked that Iran’s position on the matter has not changed, and that the Afghan diplomatic mission would continue its operations in Iran within the pre-existing parameters.

“Trips of President Raisi to regional countries”

Regarding the impending visit of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to the region, the official stated that trips to Turkey and Syria are being planned as a result of invitations from the leaders of those two countries.

“Qatar-Iran ties”

The governor of the Central Bank of Iran and an Iranian deputy foreign minister visited Qatar last week to strengthen bilateral banking and financial exchanges, he added, noting that Doha and Tehran have been involved in bilateral and international contacts.

“Talks on lifting anti-Iranian sanctions and cooperation with IAEA”

The official also mentioned that conversations between Iran and foreign powers are continuing to discuss removing sanctions against the country and restarting a 2015 agreement on its nuclear program.

Although he added that he was unaware of any planned visits by IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi to Tehran, he emphasized that Iran and the IAEA are still working together.

Kanaani also criticized some European authorities for utilizing the rules and regulations of international law to further their personal goals against Iran by supporting some rioters.

“Families of victims of Ukrainian plane”

In response to a query on the compensation provided to the relatives of those died in the tragic accident of the Ukrainian airliner three years ago, he stated that Iran will live up to its international obligations while acting in accordance with its domestic laws.

He said that an Iranian court is looking into the situation and that the Ukrainian ambassador to Iran has been summoned to testify.

Kanaani reaffirmed that Iran has made it clear that it would make amends for the crash deaths.

“Ties between Iran, Iraqi autonomous region of Kurdistan”

He also made reference to connections between Iran and Kurdistan, an autonomous part of Iraq, adding that these ties are strong and that the Islamic Republic is prepared to assist various Iraqi groups in resolving their issues.

“Designation of IRGC as terrorist entity”

The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman stressed that those who have committed terrorist acts do not have the right to utilize such rhetoric against the heroes of the war against terrorism in response to reports that some states have attempted to label the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization.

“Court of Hamid Nouri”

Kanaani noted that Iran will pursue the matter in light of the Court of Appeal’s verdict against Iranian national Hamid Nouri, and he called on the Swedish government to take note of the consular rights of foreign people who have been wrongfully detained in Sweden.

“Iran frozen assets in South Korea”

He also highlighted that the Islamic Republic will keep trying to get its South Korean bank accounts unfrozen, noting that this endeavor will be apart from any other bilateral disputes.

“Iran water rights”

In response to a question on Turkish plans to construct dams on rivers that flow into Iran, he said that Tehran will take its right to shared river water seriously.

Kanaani stated that Iranian authorities will undertake discussions to persuade the Taliban to respect Iran’s rights with regard to the Helmand River in Afghanistan.

  • source : Tehrantimes