Muslims Unity Indebted to Martyr Soleimani
Muslims Unity Indebted to Martyr Soleimani
The media outlets either official or unofficial or virtual and news websites are today filled with empathy and agreement with Muslims against French President Emmanuel Macron

Muslims Unity Indebted to Martyr Soleimani

The media outlets either official or unofficial or virtual and news websites are today filled with empathy and agreement with Muslims against French President Emmanuel Macron who last week and under the pretext of freedom of expression jumped into defense and support of publishing defamatory cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by the Zionist French weekly Charlie Hebdo.


Even if Charlie Hebdo was after weighing the change in the structure of affection to dear Prophet of Islam (PBUH), and even if Macron with his disgraceful support was after discovering the propagation effects and cultural penetration of anti-religion Freemasonry against commitment of Muslims to their religion, today they fully and to the depths of their miserable souls have noticed that Muslims, hundreds of times more united than ever have joined the united rows with a united demand to shut the mouth of a prater like Macron and his disgraceful magazine.

But truly what issue has been able, despite the danger of Coronavirus, to turn this unity, empathy, these tight rows, with such a glory into an indescribable passion, and to make the silenced rancor and ready-for-explosion roar of Muslims to burst due to the foolishness of an obscene and faceless magazine and the support of a lowbrow president, helpless with spread of resistance spirit?

In this analysis I just go through the irreplaceable role of unjust shed of Martyr Qassem Soleimani’s blood that two substantive natures have been able to provide an intellectual, cultural, religious and supportive revolution in the Muslim world which in fact, it has not been left unnoticed. I address first, the impact of the nature of the Islamic Revolution and its special inspiration in drawing up the development of the culture of resistance and justice-seeking for Muslim and freedom-seeking nations in demanding global developments, and injection of hope to the world people towards changing the structure of global power; and secondly the influential role of Martyr Lieutenant General Soleimani and his innocent comrades, who were assassinated defenselessly by the coward White House, in uniting and stabilizing security and inducing the total meaning of monotheistic in the Muslim world.

Today Muslim ummah from the remotest part of the West to the farthest land in the east of the Earth has univocally responded to the call of the Islamic Revolution and created an incredible revolution. Despite those who have hands in thought and pen, this is the blood of martyrs of Baghdad Airport which has gifted this identity to the nations.

Haj Qassem himself both believed in the Islamic Republic whole-heartedly and had been dissolved in the Islamic Revolution. His experience of the Sacred Defense era showed him that Islamic Revolution would only become lasting in its dynamism and move, and not in the silence, isolation and passiveness. He has learned that dynamism of the Islamic Revolution is the main appealing and inspirational factor for the nations. So he did his best to enliven elements of jihad and martyrdom which are the main factors of the Islamic Republic’s progressive and dynamism, and he manifested the dynamism factor in creating the resistance spirit. This active resistance based on insight and jihad blinded the greedy eyes of enemies and made hopeful the truth-seekers and the believers’ front in attracting the Divine victory, victory of the truth front and failure of enemies.

This is Haj Qassem who remained in the trench of combat till the last moment of his life for dynamism of the Islamic Revolution and keeping the flag of jihad and martyrdom hoisting, and he could create a strong array of resistance front against the enemies, and for the first time in Gaza and Lebanon wars made Zionist enemy and its Arab, Hebrew and Western allies drink the bitter poison of defeat.

According to some famous person, Haj Qassem has properly realized that the Islamic Revolution is “Built-by-Khomeini” and “Revived-by-Khamenei”. During his lifetime, Martyr Soleimani became a yardstick for distinguishing the right front from the wrong one. His martyrdom like Ammar’s (one of the most loyal and beloved companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Imam Ali (A) became exposer of the wrong front and it became an evidence for oppression and cruelty of world arrogance, international Zionism and Arab reactionary who have bred in their skirts the tiny grouplets of Daesh and put them in clash with Islam. This recognition with his blood created a religion-oriented belief movement in any part of the world.

Today the slap at Macron and Charlie Hebdo is not limited to a certain current that Westerners accuse it of extremism. With just a glance, one can notice that hot blood of Muslims, inspired by the blood of people like Soleimanis, is boiling against insults to the Prophet and it turns into a global cry.

Today while Macron by his retreat is trying to make the Muslim world believe that he has understood their message forever but roar and anger of Muslims has not cooled down yet. This is the same greatness hidden in the zeal of Muslims that Haj Qassem had realized it and by donating his blood could turn it into a targeted belief for Muslims in order that Freemasonry and Zionist hegemony accepts  their era has come to an end and today it is the era of Islam and mastership of Muslims.

  By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS