Suppose Trump Has Lost , Yet JCPOA?
Suppose Trump Has Lost , Yet JCPOA?
Although condition of the presidential election in the U.S. shows everyday a different picture than the other day, President Donald Trump’s recent remarks show that he has been frustrated and the topic of poetomachia is in the hands of his Democrat rival Joe Biden.

Suppose Trump Has Lost , Yet JCPOA?

Although condition of the presidential election in the U.S. shows everyday a different picture than the other day, President Donald Trump’s recent remarks show that he has been frustrated and the topic of poetomachia is in the hands of his Democrat rival Joe Biden.


Since something impossible is not impossible, let’s suppose that Trump has lost the presidential election race and has stopped stubbornness, and the White House has been handed over to the Democrats since January 1, 2021 and they have announced readiness to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with some conditions. Then what conditions do we face? Should we stay in a JCPOA that the U.S. suddenly turned its back to all of its pillars and even Europeans did not take any step to save those pillars, or should we insist on our stand that the era of the JCPOA has ended and if it is an agreement to be reached it will be back to the square one, and this time should insist on amending the weaknesses of the childish negotiations of President Hassan Rouhani’s team from Foreign Minister Mr. Mohammad Javad Zarif to his deputy Seyed Abbas Araqchi and even infiltrated spies in the negotiations? Who can believe Europeans’ treasons regarding the JCPOA with different games played by them which were aimed at killing the time?

At first, Europeans promised to launch the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) mechanism for trading oil for food and medicines. After months of burning opportunity, they claimed that they could not buy Iran oil but they were ready to launch another financial mechanism, called the INSTEX, which could help Iran to sell its oil to other countries in exchange for buying food and medicines.

First of all, the nature of these proposals was to deny Iran’s rights. Secondly, even according to the United Nations Security Council’s laws regarding the sanctioned country, food and medicines are exempt from sanctions. It has not been yet forgotten that Iraq during its sanctions era enjoyed its right of selling oil in exchange of food and medicines.

According to over 10 clauses stipulated in the text of the UN Resolution 2231, Europeans had undertaken to suspend financial, banking and oil sanction, and while the U.S. had violated the law, they should have stood beside Iran rather than ignoring to fulfill the basic principle “oil for food and medicines.” But they neither acted to their JCPOA obligations nor to their void promises like launching the INSTEX. The only thing they did was to entertain the media and kill the time and to pretend having different stands in their statements with repetition of this big lie “We are committed to the JCPOA,” and with such a cat-and-mouse game they closed Iran’s hands in making decisions to pull out of the JCPOA that one can say they coordinated secretly inside Iran with President Rouhani’s government.

But we should note that Trump’s game drives forth which part of this issue with pretension and which part of it secretly with Europeans. The White House, based on the pressures, whose bases had been laid by Barack Obama’s government through sanctions and the JCPOA, was tempted to finish the job. So in 2018, it brought forth the so-called maximum pressures (Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) and Iran Sanction Act (ISA) which were the alternative of crippling sanctions) and reloaded magazine of the JCPOA with sanction bullets and fired it.

The most important issue in the past two years has been Europe’s trick and malignancy. Foreign Minister Mr. Zarif with all of his wishful thinking in the past has admitted that Europeans have violated 11 anti-sanctions of its obligations regarding the JCPOA. They unilaterally annulled the contracts and zeroed buying Iran oil in a way that their billion-dollars-trade with Iran has declined to only a few dozen million dollars. Even the Germans stonewalled providing Zarif’s plane with fuel. His story of complaining about impossibility to open a banking account in London is famous.

Now the condition is different. The U.S. has resorted to assassination and martyring Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani and his comrades to confront Iran. Despite this fact that the UNSC has announced him the loser of the snapback case, it has announced it has triggered the snapback mechanism. Two import points are significant in the U.S. and Europe’s behavior. The U.S. says it has triggered the snapback mechanism but no sanction bullet has been left in its sanction gun any more to be implemented. In other words, the financial, banking and oil sanctions whose rails had been laid in the Obama Administration era in the form of CAATSA and ISA and been implemented in Trump Administration are beyond all the sanctions in the UNSC resolutions against Iran, and in fact Europe has already accompanied the U.S. practically.

In the past decade, there have always been disputes among U.S. politicians over how sanctions on Iran to be implemented. That sanctions,to have deeper effect for surrender of Iran, should be gradually increased to become more nettlesome or it is better to be implemented as a shock and immediately, we consider it a media game and in this puppet show, Europe has played the role of good man and protagonist.

Iranian nation is fully aware of full details of the big treason which was committed in the heat of the Green Sedition (2009 presidential election unrests) that even American newspaper Los Angeles Times unmasked this treason and wrote, “Representatives of some leaders of the Green Movement told The Obama Administration to intensify the crippling sanctions, and the sanctions should be repeatedly and shockingly in order to cripple Iran.”

So we can obviously see that the crippling sanctions which were proposed by the inside coup-organizers have been imposed since 2011 and they have not have any effect on the strong determination of the nation and their resistance.

Today the country should definitely make a decision that it will not continue any longer based on the text of the current JCPOA and if it is Joe Biden or presumably Trump to return to the JCPOA, this time its text should be drawn up and negotiated in a way to avoid any practical weaknesses like the one signed during Obama era against Iran, and the negotiating team will be formed by three branches of power.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : IRAN NEWS