Iran Tops Oil, Gas Giants in World
Iran Tops Oil, Gas Giants in World
By exploring 4.9 billion barrels liquid hydrocarbon in 2019, the NIOC is standing on the top of oil giants in the world.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Deputy Managing Director of the National Iranian Oil Company for Exploration Affairs Saleh Hendi said that by exploring 4.9 billion barrels liquid hydrocarbon in 2019, the NIOC is standing on the top of oil giants in the world.

“Based on ‘Wood Mackenzie’ reports with regard to exploration of hydrocarbon resources in the world in 2019, the NIOC is ranking first,” Hendi said.

Based on the report, the NIOC exploration is equal to 31% of the entire hydrocarbon discovery in the world.

‘Wood Mackenzie’ added that discovering Eram field with 2.7 billion barrels (20 percent of the total gas discovered in the world) and Namavaran field with 2.3 billion barrels (10.5 percent of the total oil discovered in the world) rank first and third, respectively.

The total amount of exploration in 2019 was 21.2 billion barrels which was twice as much as that of 2018.

The NIOC (4.97 billion barrels), Gazprom (3.18 billion barrels), BP (1.4 billion barrels) and ExxonMobil (0.9 billion barrels) rank first to fourth, respectively with regard to liquid hydrocarbon discovery.

In relevant remarks in mid-August, chief executive of Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC), Saeid Vafapour, said the US sanctions have been turned into opportunities as the company has manufactured parts domestically.

He added, “Benefiting from its advanced maritime fleet, the IOEC managed to gain notable achievements in a way that it circumvented sanctions imposed against the country and turned them into opportunity.

“Escalation of sanctions has caused industrialists and managers to rely more on domestic capabilities.”

Vatanpour also referred to the company’s main activities including managing project, engineering, purchasing, constructing, implementing, loading, installing offshore structures, laying pipe on the seabed, repairing and maintaining oil platforms.

He also said the IOEC started its activity with drilling oil platform at Phase 14 of South Pars Gas Field (SPGF).

The company has so far created more than 1,100 direct and 4,000 indirect job opportunities in the country, the official boasted.

Also in mid-August, Iranian Vice-President and Plan and Budget Organization Head Mohammad-Baqer Nobakht said the United States has failed in its sanctions policy against Iran as Tehran has succeeded in putting various economic plans into action.

“The implementation of different economic programs across the country clearly shows that Washington has failed to achieve its goals behind its sanctions against Iran,” Nobakht said.

Despite harsh sanctions and blocking all means of banking exchange and currency transfer, Iran has made progress in development and economic projects, he added.

Nobakht lauded the Iranian people’s resistance during tough conditions.

Last month, President Hassan Rouhani said Iran will surely pass through current tough circumstances despite all obstacles, and assured that the problems can be removed with realistic solutions.

  • source : Iran Daily