Not Pulling out of JCPOA Was a Mistake
Not Pulling out of JCPOA Was a Mistake
The resolution which was approved against Iran by the Board of Governors of IAEA on Thursday is a resolution which was drafted by three European countries

Not Pulling out of JCPOA Was a Mistake

The day when I was writing one of my articles “The Kids We Sent to the Warfront,” I was foreseeing today, yesterday and tomorrow that three European countries would scratch President Hassan Rouhani and his negotiating team from Muhammad Javad Zarif to Seyed Abbas Araqchi and the likes in their faces to please the U.S. and to laugh boisterously at all Iranian nation who sent beguiled children to the war with experienced Satans.


The resolution which was approved against Iran by the Board of Governors of IAEA on Thursday is a resolution which was drafted by three European countries and it was undoubtedly for pleasing the U.S. and especially the White House. President Rouhani and his negotiating team have been waiting hopefully that perhaps Europeans would stop alignment with the U.S. and in fact to get along with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) which not only had any profit for Iran but also had losses and ultimately it did not happen.

Toleration of childish game of INSTEX was so humiliating but Iranian nation showed lenience to it. Now it is sound and clear for all that Europeans with this decision put the final nail in the coffin of the JCPOA.

Iranian nation for almost eight years has been tolerating a liberal government which thought Europeans have not left it alone and today it became much clear that Europe and the U.S. are both two sides of a coin, and relying hope on any side of it is a strategic mistake.

All have realized what has been stipulated in the content of the IAEA’s resolution. It has once and again   called on the Islamic Republic of Iran to fully cooperate with the IAEA in implementing its NPT Safeguards Agreement and Additional Protocol and satisfy the IAEA’s requests without further delay. It happens while the agency itself has not observed any of its obligations regarding it and ignore them with full rudeness.

That what will be President Rouhani’s reaction against European troika’s hypocrisy is something that we should wait and see but any wise man in any government who sees this humiliating and rude behavior, which is something beyond breaching the promise and discrediting the JCPOA, should reduce the ties with these three countries to the lowest level and take legal action against them. Call for emergency meeting of Non-Alignment Movement members for revealing the role of European troika’s hypocrisy can be the next action.

With this move, it became clear that Europeans have advanced in their subservience and dependence to the U.S. (of course one should not forget their dirty natures especially the British) and they have stuck in the quagmire of their behavior.

They want Iran to be committed to its obligations while they do not observe any of theirs. These countries are in talks with Iran to remain committed to the JCPOA and not to leave while at the same time they want to extend Iran’s arms embargo for six months more.

What problems can Europeans create for Iran but being a tool for exerting more pressure on the country and its nation while they have almost made the trade with Iran one-sided and almost zeroed? The government’s hesitation in reducing the level of ties with these countries is like the same mistake of not pulling out of the JCPOA and I wish we could implement the nation’s will which is to take a revolutionary stand against them.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian