Iran Should Not Lose Turkey’s Gas Market
Iran Should Not Lose Turkey’s Gas Market
Former Secretary General of Gas Exporting Countries Forum Mr. Mohammad Hossein Adeli says Iran should do it best in order to save Turkey’s gas market.

Iran Should Not Lose Turkey’s Gas Market


TEHRAN – Former Secretary General of Gas Exporting Countries Forum Mr. Mohammad Hossein Adeli says Iran should do it best in order to save Turkey’s gas market.

Speaking to ILNA, Mr. Adeli said that it is not the right time for criticism and all should help the oil ministry to manage its policies in order to earn more money for the country.

He added that all should avoid politicizing the issues in order that the related bodies can continue their performance and policies because this attitude is very crucial for any ruling government in the country.

He also urged the foreign ministry to rush for helping the oil ministry for saving its international markets.

He added that it is not a good approach that some try to hinder export of gas and call for export of petrochemical exports and it should be changed. He admitted that this approach has put political pressure on decision-makers and has obstructed the country from its presence in the gas exports markets.

On Turkey’s gas policies both in importing sector or in developing pipelines for exports, Adeli said that he believes Turkey is a good market for Iran’s gas exports.

He further said that Iran should do its best to save Turkey’s export market because Turkey once thought about the transit of Iran’s gas to Europe and its earnings but now due to the drastic developments in the gas market geopolitically, Turkey considers itself a key player and it wants to take advantage of it.

Adeli noted that the competition between Russia and the U.S. for ruling Europe’s gas market has provided this opportunity for Ankara to carry out TurkStream pipeline with Moscow in order that Russia can sell its gas to Eastern Europe via Turkey.

He admitted that the intense rivalry between Turkey and Azerbaijan which is widened with the U.S. support gives Turkey this opportunity to choose other options for its gas and it has now ties with Qatar for gas and LNG. He emphasized that even the U.S. is purchaser of Qatar’s LNG. So Turkey is now totally different from what it was 10 to 15 years ago and Iran should realize these differences and developments and adopt its policies based on these developments, he added.

Adeli reiterated that so Iran should set its policies based on international competition rather than internal political competitions and criticisms.

He stated Turkey sets its policies based on its national interests and it diversifies its resources for gas purchase and it takes advantage of its transit position to become a gas hub and to play its regional and international role.

On exports of gas to India, Adeli said the issue of gas exports to India and Pakistan has been talk of the country for decades, adding that talks with those countries have always come to a halt under the U.S. threats or incentives and today the U.S. itself is ready to provide those countries with LNG and its ally Qatar has also done so.

Adeli reiterated that Iran should not forget the significance of India and Pakistan gas markets and it should take back those markets from the U.S.’s control because Iran with its huge gas reserves and proximity to those countries deserves to have better share of those markets especially India because Iran and India have had good historical and amicable ties and Indians can count on Iran’s exports.