Iraq and End of a Five-Month Anticipation
Iraq and End of a Five-Month Anticipation
After months of hard times in Iraq, ultimately Shiite groups designated Al-Kadhimi for the premiership

Iraq and End of a Five-Month Anticipation

These days and in the media and virtual space, some whispers are heard from Iraqi parties in support of Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, and the vote of confidence will put an end to months of speculations, anticipations, and also weakness in political decision in the country.


After months of hard times in Iraq, ultimately Shiite groups designated Al-Kadhimi for the premiership seat. One of the features of the prime-minister designate and his cabinet is that there is no ambiguity and doubt about their honesty and also no foreign player has had a hand in his designation, and so far  no doubt has been cast about his designation.

All Iraqi currents and parties like Shiites, Kurds and Sunnis have supported this designation and consider it the result of a national understanding which enjoys the support of all groups and ethnics in the country.

Although Shiite parties have enjoyed the majority in the Parliament, it is the first time that they overwhelmingly support any prime minister in the country. Of course, this will be politically important achievement if Al-Kadhimi and his cabinet win votes of confidence because it will provide a good opportunity for strengthening unity and creating convergence among all political parties from Shiites, Kurds to Sunnis.

Consensus among three important political and religious currents in Iraq on a designate from the majority group in the parliament can be a prelude to overcoming all challenges that Iraq has faced in recent years.

What is materialized today in Iraq is the result of instructive reaction which was seen during the parliament and national currents’ stance against dictation of Americans’ will. Americans wanted to impose Adnan Al-Zurfi as prime minister through illegal action of Iraqi President Barham Salih and through resorting to national reasons and winning the public opinion in Iraq but it faced with strong opposition from Shiite groups and their plot failed.

But Iraq’s own mechanism and coalition of the majority could reach an agreement on Al-Kadhimi and asked him to form the cabinet.

Al-Kadhimi’s background and records especially as the head of National Intelligence Service are good enough to be designated for the job. Some speculations over Al-Kadhimi’s having a hand in assassination of Martyr Qassem Soleimani have not been confirmed yet and the probes have not confirmed the allegations.

His good relation with domestic political parties and neighboring states of Iraq and key regional players is of his positive point, showing  his political maturity, which can settle some undecided issues in Iraq and the region.

Implementing the parliament’s approval of expulsion of the U.S. forces from Iraq is one of the conditions which has been set by the Shiite groups for his support which is strategically important and this demand undoubtedly is a national one from the new prime minister which is still a condition.

Some believe that former Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi was the best one for the resistance front and in the regional level but the current critical condition and deadly protests in Iraq and ultimately Shiite Jurisprudence’s demand led to his resignation which changed the situation.

However the coalition between majorities of resistance Shiite groups in Iraq reached a consensus on Al-Kadhimi and this decision in the current critical condition of the country and Iraqi people is considered as a positive and forward-moving action.

Since a couple of days ago, Americans have resorted to some wicked actions to weaken the position of Iraqi parliament which is considered as an open interference in administration of an independent country like Iraq.

They have begun a psych-war in the virtual space by frightening the people of the Daesh forces attacks. And on the eve of Iraqi parliament’s courageous action, American planes started air drills over Iraq space and it has been reported that they have disembarked some mercenary Daesh forces in some areas in Iraq or have armed them.

Iraq Interior Minister and Iraqi military commanders in their interviews assured the people about possible Daesh threats and claimed those attacks were just for weakening the parliament decision for pullout of the U.S. troops.

It seems aligned maturity of political parties in Iraq has been carefully planned to overcome the U.S. policies, and after five months of speculation and anticipation Iraq would achieve an admirable result.

 By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : irannewsdaily