Noor-1 Satellite Stupefies the World
Noor-1 Satellite Stupefies the World
On Wednesday morning, April 22, and with Almighty God blessings, the Islamic Republic of Iran

Noor-1 Satellite Stupefies the World

On Wednesday morning, April 22, and with Almighty God blessings, the Islamic Republic of Iran, as a muscle-showing act, shot successfully its first military satellite, dubbed “Noor-1” (light-1), into the orbit by its brave and glory maker IRGC forces to monitor the country’s space.


The satellite was launched with a three-phased Qased carrier by IRGC’s Aerospace Division and it was put into orbit at an altitude of 425 kilometers from the earth’s surface in the desert plain’s Shahroud region. Such a bold move is a major achievement and a big development in the aerospace field for Islamic Iran because in the current condition that the Islamic Republic of Iran is under the hardest political, economic, technology sanctions and its enemies do not let it even buy and import its industrial needs and any of its move is monitored by enemies’ traitor elements inside the country, such a condition for a country to take such a brave and unbelievable action is not so simple.

Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) General Hossein Salami in an interview after the success said that the successful launch of the satellite improved the new dimensions of the defense power of the Islamic Republic of Iran, adding that today Iran has become a power in aerospace and such a success indicates that the country can achieve significant and global success in any field that it steps in.

He noted that the world’s powerful armies would be lacking in a comprehensive defense plan without reaching the space, adding that it was necessary for a strong defense force such as the IRGC to acquire the space technologies. “Achieving this raising technology which takes us to space and expands the domain of our capabilities is a strategic achievement,” the commander stressed.

In the simplest analysis of this achievement, one can point out that IRGC today with this achievement has been equipped with a tool that helps it to improve its dominance and access to geopolitical, economic and military information.

Of course this point should be taken into consideration that so far no comprehensive details about capabilities of Noor-1 Satellite have been revealed but one can easily realize that Noor-1 is a multi-purpose satellite which is used in compliance with the objectives of the Islamic Republic of Iran and it has both civil and military usages.

Above all, when enemies’ media skipped through such an important event, it means they have been badly shocked. While pandemic Coronavirus has gripped most of the countries in the world and in the condition global economy is facing important change, taking such a brave action would definitely stupefy many people.

That we emphasize that all scientific, technical and innovations used in this achievement are all domestic-made and achievements of our scientists is source of pride. The Supreme Leader in his remarks this year reiterated that in order to stand against the cruelty, one should be strong and become strong and this power itself will be a deterrent force against greedy aliens. So this action of the IRGC showed that on path of obeying velayat, it paves the ground for more reliance to the sublime stance of the velayat and moving in this direction. Today whole world is watching Iran’s outstanding success which is hailed among the pure and honest people and creates hatred among the filthy people, and this is exactly practicing Islam’s real tawalli (associate oneself with the Imams (A) and the leaders of religion and to submit to their velayat) and tabarra (dissociate oneself from the enemies of God and the enemies of religion’s authorities) and de facto acting Islam’s instructions.

By: Hamid Reza Naghashian

  • source : irannewsdaily