Iran dismisses reports of successful cyber-attacks on its oil facilities
Iran dismisses reports of successful cyber-attacks on its oil facilities
Iran has dismissed reports by some Western media claiming that the country’s vital infrastructure and oil facilities had come under cyber-attack.

“According to observations, despite western media’s claims, no successful cyber-attacks have been carried out on oil facilities and vital infrastructures,” Afta Strategic Management Center, a body working under Iran’s Presidency, said in a statement on Saturday.

Some media had claimed on Saturday that a number of Iranian servers and websites, including petrochemical firms, have come cyber-attacks.

following of the article,this is one of the successful cyber-attack in history:

Robert Tappan Morris and the Morris Worm (1988):

Creator of the first computer worm transmitted through the Internet, Morris, a student at Cornell Univeristy in the USA, claimed it his progeny was not aimed to harm but was made for the innocuous intent to determine the vastness of the cyberspace.

Things went pear-shaped when a the worm encountered a critical error and morphed into a virus which replicated rapidly and began infecting other computers resulting in denial of service. The damage? 6000 computers were reportedly affected causing an estimated $10-$100 million dollars in repair bills.

While this event could be pinned as being an unfortunate accident, it no doubt played a part in inspiring the calamitous distributed denial-of-service (DdoS) type of attacks we see today.

  • source : Mehrnews