No talks possible without US’ return to JCPOA, MP Kavakebian reassures Parl.
No talks possible without US’ return to JCPOA, MP Kavakebian reassures Parl.
“No talks will take place as long as the US refuses to return to the JCPOA and our money transfer has not been facilitated,” MP Kavakebian reassured other lawmakers at today’s session of Parliament.

“Some of our colleagues in the Parliament are behaving as if President Rouhani is going to hold talks with Trump today. This is not true. Our condition is that no talks will take place as long as the Americans have not returned to the JCPOA,” said a member of the Iranian Parliament’s national security and foreign policy commission, Mostafa Kavakebian.

“Also those mediators who sometimes deliver messages – they have been told that first the sanctions must be lifted, our money transfer facilitated, and the rest of our conditions met. There is nothing wrong with negotiations if it’s done from the position of power, wisdom and national interest,” the reformist politician and representative of Tehran added.

He went on to stress, “President Rouhani will completely move in line with the Leader’s directives. In case of negotiations, the decision will be definitely made on higher levels, such as the Supreme National Security Council, and in full coordination with the Leader.”

Kavakebian’s remarks during the Tuesday’s open session at the Parliament came as a number of lawmakers began signing a statement that condemns and bans any kind of negotiations with the US.

MP Ahmad Alirezabeigi, representative of Tabriz, told Mehr correspondent said the statement is in reaction to the remarks made by President Rouhani regarding talks with the US.

According to the statement, holding negotiations with the US under the current situation and given the US’ withdrawal from the nuclear deal, will be harmful to the interests of the Iranian nation and thus, is condemned and prohibited, he added.

President Rouhani, speaking today at a local event, said the key to “positive developments” is in the hands of Washington, stressing that the only way for the current situation to change is if the US removed all sanctions against Iran.