German author’s fascist perception of identity
German author’s fascist perception of identity
The emphasis on Western values of liberalism has gone so far that some who believe in them have accepted that anyone who is not like them is not human as well.

An entirely insulting analysis published by German Die Welt Newspaper shows that the writer does not even understand the basic principles of liberalism.

Some parts of the article is as follow:

“There are parallel communities inside and outside the country. The hostile minorities must be behaved toughly, including criminal groups and tribes inside Germany, and extremist Islamists in Iran. Germany has not so far acted properly to confront these communities.

If there is one thing that I understand very well, then it’s how the customs and laws governing on the streets, especially in the troubled or very sensitive areas of Germany, where the so-called parallel societies hold power.

It is very difficult for an alien to understand exactly what happens in this second German reality: different languages, different behaviors and different values has frightened many people.

However, this so-called parallel society is not just a society, but it consists of dozens and even hundreds of different societies that have their own relations with Germany, democracy and liberal values. Usually only ‘extremists’ have a serious problem in respect with integration and often are problematic in terms of security.

People only want to have a good life and be part of a society of Germany. Even if original identity of persons is more valuable for them, they still want to be a part of Germany, a country in which they have achieved freedom.

Despite Germany’s efforts to make these societies integrated, there are different rules in the streets made by small and aggressive groups. Extremist forces in mosques, Arab tribes or criminal groups will have the opportunity to strengthen and consolidate their position further, as long as Germany does not confront with this issue inside the country.”

These are parts of the author’s analysis in German Die Welt Newspaper. It shows that the author does not even have a liberal view of values ​​such as cultural, religious pluralism, etc.

One of the principles that liberalism boasts of it is the pluralistic understanding of identity, religion and culture that has been driven through freedom.

Liberal freedom, as also emphasized by Karl Raimund Popper, is limited only when it threatens another individual’s freedom.

Criticizing the pluralistic identities of German and international society, however, the author of the article shows that he not only does not respect values of pluralism but also he is very close to his ancestors such as Hitler and Mussolini ideologically, and even moves a few steps forward than them.

According to what liberalism claims, the circle of identity inclusion is very diverse in order to prevent plural identities to be marginalized and all identities have the possibility of occurrence in a pluralistic society. Principles and values such as freedom and the possibility of equal opportunities are based in the claim of this school. But the author in a fascist approach limits the scope of identity inclusion to a particular race and culture revealing the 21st century.

The author based on his poisonous approach says: “I have a similar impression of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In this case, Germany also has to decide whether it is going to let the criminal Islamist to continue or help them to integrate with liberal western society. But in this regard Germany acts against the West, democracy, human rights, women’s rights, homosexual rights, freedom of opinion, freedom of expression, press freedom, and inadvertently in the interests of Russia, China, North Korea and extremist Shia Islamists.”

The logic of the author is undeniably the same as emphasized in the school of liberalism: the virtue of Western values.

In fact, the author does not recognize that each group of identities has its own cultural, religious values. Regardless of the reasons for the migration, even if we accept the author’s logic, one of the reasons that these identities are not integrated in the origin is type of policy taken by destination.

If the destination countries had emphasized on values of pluralism, there was no need to insist on unifying identities and integration in their own societies. In fact, this is denial of people’s identity which its results are obvious in the West and in countries such as France and Germany.

The emphasis on integrating itself is a kind of fascist attitude that believes in superiority of a particular identity and values over the others. Radical acts of some immigrants in destination societies is the result of such fascist attitude. interestingly these immigrants and those who are legally entering these countries have been evaluated and qualified by these destination communities and their values.

Here are some questions:

Are there equal opportunities for immigrants in these communities? Are they freely able to maintain their religious, cultural and other identities? Are there cultural, religious pluralism, which are also the values of liberalism and the emphasis of this school?

Is there any difference between ISIS thoughts and the author’s thought who believes in superiority of his own identity over the others’?

The author of Die Welt Newspaper says, “It is not matter what the US president’s beliefs are or what mistakes were made by President Bush in Iraq in the past. The issue is about stabilizing the Middle East in order to protect Germany’s internal security. But it will not be possible as far as the Iranians expand their influence and some Muslims are still being harassed and killed by other Muslims. If they can, they will run away.”

The author ignores foreign interference in the Middle East, and he believes all the faults are with the inhabitants of these countries. It seems that the author does not know that one of the reasons and justifications that these terrorists resort to justify their acts is presence of foreign forces in the Muslims regions. It seems that he has not even heard the lectures of ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Of course, it’s good for him to study the background and the reasons behind the formation of these groups!

The author, whose analysis seems to be ordered by Saudis and the Zionists, ultimately recommends the German government to clearly oppose and confront Iran instead of sending congratulations because of security issues and maintaining the alliance of the West.

Even if we accept that the logic of the author is right , the author is suggested to have a look at German’s selling weapons to countries such as Saudi Arabia engaged in the massacre of the Yemeni people and carry out the heinous massacres of human beings under the support of Western countries. Of course, since the lives of the Yemeni people are not as valuable as those of the Westerners and as they don’t have blue eyes, they are definitely not human in authors’ opinion.

  • source : Mehrnews