National Steel Industry Has Become Export-Oriented
National Steel Industry Has Become Export-Oriented
TEHRAN – The CEO of Esfahan Steel Company says that in the 2020 outlook for developing national steel production, it is expected the annual production to hit 55m tons while the steel production was around 25m tons last year.

The CEO of the company Eng. Mansour Yazdizadeh said that due to the developmental projects in the country, national steel production is witnessing good progress.


He went on to say that in the raw steel sector, there are good capacities which need a balanced trend in the chain which begins from concentrate.

Yazdizadeh reiterated that those mines which have been discovered should come on stream, adding that some of them need investments. He expressed hope that due to the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO)’s approach for developing mines especially in iron ore, everything would become balanced and the annual production reach 55m tons.

He noted that the country has witnessed good progress in the steel industry, adding that while the country was an importer of steel until a couple of years ago, now Iran has become an exporter. He went on to say that Iran is now taken into consideration in the global equations and it is because of its development in its steel industry and it is just because steel has turned into an export item.

Yazdizadeh noted that exports of steel are on the rise and the volume of steel products in this year has become even better comparing  to last year.

He added that national steel industry has become an export-oriented industry and existence of the industry depends on exports.

Yazdizadeh further said that the company exported around 8m tons of steel last year, expressing hope that the figure would exceed 10m tons this year.

He reiterated that if the exporters are supported, the growth in the exports will continue and the country can reach its target for the industry which has been set in the 2020 outlook.


  • source : IRAN NEWS