Over 33m Cyber Attacks on National Network Thwarted
Over 33m Cyber Attacks on National Network Thwarted
TEHRAN – Information and Communications Technology Minister Mohammad Javad Jahromi said yesterday that Iran has progressed significantly in boosting its cyber defense capability.

The ICT minister made the announcement during a ceremony marking the World Telecommunication Day.


He said the cyber defense project of the country with a budget of 50b tomans has come on stream to identify cyber attacks.

He added that in the past two years, several cyber attacks on the national country have been identified and thwarted, adding the figure has been less than 50 million attacks. He went on to say that by designing the defense system, they could boost its cyber defensive power by 30 times. Adding that last year, over 33m cyber attacks were identified and thwarted in the national network.

He went on to say an indigenous firewall has been installed on the country’s industrial control systems under the Siemens brand to repel cyber attacks.

He told reporters that the country has succeeded in developing its own firewall to counter cyber attacks.

“The indigenous firewall is currently installed on all industrial control systems operating under the Siemens brand,” he said.

Industrial control system is the integration of hardware and software with network connectivity in order to support critical infrastructure.

Jahromi stressed that the firewall will soon become compatible with all other industrial control system brands in the country.

He reminded that the malicious computer worm ‘Stuxnet’, which is believed to be made by the US and Israel and used in the past to target the Islamic Republic’s nuclear energy program, had infected computers that were connected to the country’s industrial facilities, adding “therefore, the firewall can be installed on industrial control and management systems and recognize the given commands.”

In an Instagram post on Thursday, the ICT minister had said the firewall has been designed and developed by young Iranian scientists, and successfully tested on industrial automation systems.

The firewall “practically neutralizes industrial [acts of] sabotage, such as [those potentially launched by] Stuxnet, in electrical grids and suchlike,” he wrote, adding, “By relying on [our] youths, we will turn threats into opportunities.”

  • source : IRAN NEWS