Gaza Endures Escalating Israeli Attacks As Casualties Mount
Gaza Endures Escalating Israeli Attacks As Casualties Mount
Israeli artillery and air strikes have intensified across Gaza, leading to significant casualties and widespread destruction, particularly in the Shujayea neighborhood.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –The Shujayea neighborhood in northern Gaza remains an active war zone with heavy bombardment and fierce fighting between Palestinian resistance fighters and Israeli soldiers.

Residents who managed to flee describe massive destruction.

Central areas of Gaza City have also faced intense Israeli fire, resulting in casualties.

In the past hour, a residential flat was targeted, and medical sources report at least 15 fatalities today in the north due to artillery shelling of homes.

Bodies are being prepared for burial at a local hospital.

In the southern Rafah area, indiscriminate Israeli attacks continue as residents flee for their lives.

In the al-Mawasi district, declared a “safe zone” by Israel’s military, makeshift tent camps sheltering displaced Palestinians have been set ablaze.

Two people were killed by Israeli artillery fire in Beit Lahiya, and two others died in strikes on Gaza City’s Tuffah neighborhood , according to Al Jazeera Arabic.

Israeli warplanes struck an apartment building in Gaza City’s Sabra neighborhood , to the west, but no casualties were reported.

Earlier, an Israeli attack killed at least one person in Gaza City’s Daraj area amid an intense Israeli ground operation in Shujayea, now in its fourth day.

Several people were killed and injured in an Israeli bombardment of the Sabra neighborhood , south of Gaza City, according to the Wafa news agency.

Israeli artillery also bombed the Shaboura neighborhood and the vicinity of Al-Awda Roundabout in central Rafah, Wafa reports.

Heavy battles and bombardment continue in Gaza City’s Shujayea district, months after Israel declared Hamas’s command structure dismantled in the northern area.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have fled the devastated neighborhood , where the army reports carrying out raids and engaging with Palestinian militants both above ground and in tunnels.

  • source : tasnim