Iran Presents Proposals to Back Palestine, Deter Israeli Crimes
Iran Presents Proposals to Back Palestine, Deter Israeli Crimes
Iran came up with nine “practical proposals” for the Developing Eight (D8) countries’ joint action in support of the Palestinian people and against the Israeli regime’s onslaught on Gaza.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –Addressing a foreign ministerial meeting of the D8 countries in Istanbul on Saturday, the caretaker foreign minister of Iran put forward nine practical proposals that the D8 can take into consideration in support of Palestine.

Ali Baqeri suggested the creation of an assist plan of the D8 about Palestine, which he said would regulate collective action by the D8 members in helping Palestine’s development and reconstruction.

The Iranian diplomat also urged that the D8 should convene an international conference on the reconstruction of Gaza and establish an Islamic fund to receive financial assistance from the Muslim nations.

The creation of the D8 contact group for interaction with the OIC contact group in coordinating international efforts to end the war on Gaza, the severance and suspension of political and economic relations with the Zionist regime, and designation of the Zionist regime and its security organizations as “terrorist entities” for their war crimes, genocide and violation of human rights were among the other proposals offered by Iran.

Baqeri also called on the D8 to recognize the Zionist regime as an apartheid entity, focus efforts to revive the UNSC Resolution 3379, and support inclusive Palestinian negotiations for consensus among all Palestinian groups about the administration of Palestinian territories after the war.

The D8 can also push for the suspension of the Zionist regime from the international institutions and events and expel it from the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris, he added.

Baqeri finally proposed the formation of a joint legal committee of the D8 to provide judicial and legal supports for Palestine in the international tribunals.

At least 36,801 people killed and 83,680 wounded in Israel’s onslaught on Gaza since October 7, 2023.

  • source : tasnim