Bangladeshis in Tehran Mark the 53rd Independence and National Day
Bangladeshis in Tehran Mark the 53rd Independence and National Day
TEHRAN – Bangladesh Embassy in Tehran on Saturday, June 22, launched a reception at Parsian Azadi Hotel to mark Bangladesh’s 53rd Independence and National Day.

Bangladeshis in Tehran Mark the 53rd Independence and National Day

TEHRAN (Iran News) Bangladesh Ambassador H.E. Manjurul Karim Khan Chowdhury and his wife Farzana Nasrin hosted the event where some special guests like Iran’s Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade and the Head of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) Mr. Mehdi Zeyghami, Bangladesh’s member of parliament Mohammad Shahriar Alam and his wife as well as diplomats and distinguished persons were present.

The Bangladesh Independence Day is marked every year on March 26 and because of Holy Month of Ramadhan as well as New Year holiday in Tehran and the shock martyrdom of Iranian President Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, the reception in Tehran postponed to June 22.

Addressing the event, Bangladesh Ambassador Mr. Chowdhury welcomed the participants for marking the national day.

He then briefed the participants about the history of Bangladesh’s independence day and said Bangladeshis every year on March 26 celebrate the Independence Day, adding that March 26, 1971 was the day when Father of Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the independence of the country.

He then paid homage to martyred Iranian President Raisi and Foreign Minister Amir-Abdollahian who were very serious in deepening bilateral ties between Iran and Bangladesh.

Mr. Chowdhury then highlighted some major events in the history of Bangladesh in the past 53 years and said: “I the last 53 years our national income increased more than 30 times from where it was in 1972. Life expectancy at birth in 1971 was 46, now it is 72. We have achieved significant progressed in the socio-economic sectors, in many cases better than some regiona countries. Women empowerment could be a befitting example.”

He then said: “Our agricultural production increased four times. Bangladesh is now the 3rd largest vegetables produce, 2nd largest sweet-water fish producer and 3rd largest ricer producer in the world. The country is also now one of the leading producers of readymade garments. Our pharmaceuticals are being exported to more than 150 countries.”

The ambassador then said that Bangladesh has faced many challenges in the last 53 years, many were unsurmountable but it has proved to the world Bangladesh is no less capable than others and can face challenges however formidable.

Then he touched upon ties between Iran and Bangladesh and said: The two countries enjoy long standing friendly and brotherly relations. Religious and cultural linkages between the people of the two countries are millennium old. Both the peoples nurture immense goodwill for each other.”

Mr. Chowdhury then said it is heartening to see that both the countries are working to deepen bilateral relations and to explore further areas of mutually beneficial cooperation.


He reiterated that they will continue seriously working for materializing the huge untapped potentials between the two countries for cooperation.

He said Bangladesh is now focused on economic development and improving wellbeing of its people and the country has returned to the track for fast development since 2009 and under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of the father of the nation.

He reiterated Bangladesh is a peace-loving country which is following a principles based foreign policy of friendship to all and malice towards none as established by the Father of the Nation.

Then Iran’s Deputy Minister of Industry Mr. Zeighami, for his part in the event, congratulated the day to the ambassador and hailed recent successful parliament election and formation of the government in Bangladesh.

He also thanked Bangladesh for extending condolences and sympathy over the martyrdom of President Raisi and observing one day of mourning.

He then pointed to the deep linkages and commonalities of the two countries and called for strengthening it through exchange of delegations.

Zeighami also said that the ties between the two countries are deepening nowadays, reiterating that Martyr Raisi had pun on the agenda boosting ties with countries like Bangladesh.

He noted that both countries can boost ties and cooperation in the trade and scientific fields.

Then the ambassador, accompanied by the chief guests of the event, cut a special caked prepared for the day.