Rescue Teams Uncover Mass Graves at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza
Rescue Teams Uncover Mass Graves at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza
Following a 14-day siege by Israeli forces in March, rescue teams at Al Shifa, Gaza's largest medical facility, have begun excavating the complex's courtyard, unearthing at least 33 bodies from two mass graves.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –“At least 33 bodies were recovered from two mass graves – one in front of the specialized surgery building and the other in front of the kidney dialysis building. In these graves, we found dozens of bodies, including those of medical and emergency relief teams”, Ismail Al Thawabta, head of the Government Media Office in Gaza tells TRT World.

Israeli forces raided and besieged both Nasser and Al Shifa hospitals, leaving them in ruins with many sections destroyed or set ablaze, rendering medical operations impossible for the foreseeable future.

Rescue workers, the UN human rights office, and other organizations report that bodies exhumed from these mass graves bear signs of torture, including bindings, blindfolds, and evidence of execution-style killings.

Decapitated bodies, evidence of organ removal, and indications of torture have been found during the excavation process, with some victims showing signs of being injured or buried alive before their execution.

The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor has called for urgent investigations into what they describe as premeditated murder and extrajudicial executions, alleging violations of international law.

Despite limited resources and technical support due to Israel’s siege, rescue workers and Palestinian Civil Defence teams are meticulously documenting evidence of potential war crimes.

Al Thawabta stated that civil defense teams are documenting burial circumstances through multimedia, while paramedics are working to establish causes of death and identify victims.

He asserted their commitment to providing available materials for any investigation into the massacres, aiming to prosecute Israeli occupation forces in international courts.

However, as of now, they have not been contacted by any international organization regarding investigations into Israeli war crimes.

  • source : tasnim