Palestine Islamic World’s Overriding Issue: Iran’s Foreign Ministry
Palestine Islamic World’s Overriding Issue: Iran’s Foreign Ministry
The Foreign Ministry of Iran expressed solidarity with Palestinian people in their struggle against the “fake and illegitimate Zionist regime” on the anniversary of the day when Israel declared existence 76 years ago, describing Palestine as the foremost issue of the Muslim world.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran issued a statement on Tuesday on the 76th anniversary of Nakba (catastrophe) Day that forced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes in 1948 and when the Israeli regime proclaimed existence.

The following is the text of the statement, published in the Ministry’s website:

The 14th of May 1948 was the beginning of the calamitous period of the occupation of Palestine and the clear violation of the rights of its oppressed people, especially their right to self-determination whose sinister consequences have engulfed the region and the Islamic world for the past 76 years and turned into a deep and painful wound on the body of the Islamic world.

Nakba Day (Day of Catastrophe) is the anniversary of the establishment of the occupier apartheid Zionist regime in the heart of the Islamic world due to the malicious conspiracy of British colonialism, marking the beginning of the bloody period of genocide, massacre, displacement, occupation and desecration of the holy land of Palestine with a green light and direct and indirect support by the colonial powers of the world led by the United States of America.

The false Zionist regime, which is a clear symbol of official organized terrorism in the world, adds a new shameful page to its thick ledger of international crimes every time; The discovery of mass graves in Nasser and al-Shifa hospitals in the Gaza Strip portrays a terrible picture of this brutal regime’s crime against humanity.

Perpetration of international crimes, including war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity, is considered contrary to the fundamental values of the United Nations and all the recognized international norms, principles, and standards, and without a doubt has made the perpetrators criminally liable. The continued impunity granted to the Zionist criminals runs counter to the provisions of international law.

The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemns  the killing of more than 35,000 innocent people including women, children and defenseless men and injury of 75,000 people as well as the displacement of  hundreds of thousands of helpless people in the occupied Palestinian territories by the Zionist regime with the all-out political and military, economic and intelligence support of the United States over the past seven months and considers the action of the United States in disrupting the process of stopping the war and killings against Gaza and its recent opposition to the recognition of the Palestinian state in the United Nations as unacceptable, irresponsible and contrary to the demands of the international community.

Now that the true visage of Israel’s apartheid regime has been unveiled after years of hypocritical oppression hidden behind the image of anti-Semitism, and the awakened minds and consciences of the world have discovered the true nature of this evil entity after years of media propaganda, and on the other hand, as the internal dissension and discord  are now more evident than ever among the very pillars of this fake entity, it is hoped that this real Nakba and holocaust against the oppressed, resistant, free and brave Palestinian nation will end with the celebration of the Independence Day of the historical Palestinian lands.

On Friday, May 10, 2024, the United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution in which it was confirmed that Palestine is eligible for full membership in the United Nations in accordance with Article 4 of the United Charter.

In this regard, the Iranian Foreign Ministry, by emphasizing the Islamic Republic of Iran’s steadfast position on the issue of Palestine and the fake and illegitimate Zionist regime and in support of the liberation struggles of the Palestinian people, once again declares its solidarity with the cause of the Palestinian nation and underscores that the issue of Palestine remains at the forefront of the problems faced by the Islamic world.

Moreover, the Islamic Republic of Iran declares its support for the full membership of Palestine in the United Nations and considers the acceptance of Palestine as a full member of the United Nations as the first step and turning point in dealing with the historical injustices that the Palestinian people have endured with patience and trust.

The occurrence of recent events from Al-Aqsa storm to the powerful “True Promise” operation aimed at punishing the Zionist aggressor regime and the rise of the resistance movement in the region is the foundation of the events of the future, which with the outcry of support and defense of free nations, especially the elites and different walks of life in all parts of the world, including courageous and free university professors and students in the West and East of the world and the awakening of the global public opinion will lead to the complete removal of the occupation of the Palestinian land and the realization of the historical rights of its people, especially the formation of an independent and unified Palestinian state in the entirety of this historical land with Al-Quds as its capital.

  • source : tasnim