Over 6 Million Rise Out of Poverty in Iran: Minister
Over 6 Million Rise Out of Poverty in Iran: Minister
At least 6.5 million Iranians have climbed above poverty line thanks to the administration’s successful policies, the economy minister said.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Ehsan Khandouzi said the administration’s initiatives have lifted up 6.5 million Iranians out of poverty in the past few years.

Citing a recent report from the World Bank, he said Iran’s economic growth during the past four years has reached a stable stage and has become “resilient”.

In a report released in April, the World Bank said Iran’s economic growth has proven resilient over the past four years, despite the ongoing economic sanctions.

While Iran’s economy has benefitted from improved oil sector growth, the non-oil sector, notably services and manufacturing, has been the main driver of growth, it said.

According to the World Bank, poverty in Iran has declined as the economy has recovered between 2020/21 and 2022/23.

“Over two years, poverty as measured at the US $6.85 poverty line, declined by a cumulative 7.4 percentage points to 21.9 percent in 2022/23, meaning an estimated 6.5 million (Iranian) people were lifted out of poverty,” the World Bank said.

“A combination of increased wages, an increase in self-employed earnings, and a top-up to the national cash-transfer program contributed to the growth in consumption and the corresponding reduction in poverty,” the report said about Iran.

  • source : tasnim