Iranian Students Condemn Israeli Atrocities in Open Letter to US Elites
Iranian Students Condemn Israeli Atrocities in Open Letter to US Elites
Iranian students have penned a letter directly to the United States elites, condemning the Israeli regime’s “horrifying genocide” in Gaza, and urging American leaders to voice their protest against the Palestinian Holocaust.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –The letter highlights the slaughter of over 34,000 innocent Palestinians in 200 days, with particular emphasis on the loss of more than 25,000 women and children.

Following is the full text of the letter:

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Greetings to the honorable elites of the United States,

Crimes of the Israeli regime in Gaza and the slaughter of more than 34,000 innocent Palestinians in two hundred days forced us, the Iranian students, to address you directly.

These days, a horrifying genocide is taking place in Palestine where over 25,000 women and children have lost their souls by the weapons donated by your government. 25,000 is not a simple number, it is in fact 25,000 lives, 25,000 dreams, and 25,000 hopes and smiles that have been taken.

A question may arise as to why we did not address the Western statesmen. The answer is clear; We have been disappointed by the statesmen of the West since we believe that they have long consciously separated integrity and human rights from politics, but there is still hope in us in you and the students who are on the campuses these days, protesting the Israeli genocide, despite the death of the promised freedom and justice in the shadow of the flagrant violation of the First Amendment by the White House.

Our word with you is specifically about the historical oppression of Palestine and the eight-decade crimes of the Zionist regime; In this letter, we do not want to examine the roots of the establishment of the Israeli state and its illegitimacy historically and legally, although intellectuals can obtain important facts related to the establishment of the Israeli state by impartially examining historical texts. Facts that Western governments never talk about and do not allow their citizens to discuss freely either.

Instead of reviewing legal and historical texts in this letter, we ask you only one question, as representatives of the American elite society:

Can a regime that easily kills 25,000 innocent women and children for its survival in seven months, assassinates 100 journalists to create media censorship, bombards schools and hospitals, and finally prevents humanitarian aid from being sent to Gaza and even targets the car of the UN representatives, be legitimate?

We are waiting for your answer to this question, and we will be happy to know your opinion in this regard.

In the end, the widespread crimes of the Zionists and the bitter events that are happening in the Gaza Strip these days have caused protests of awakened consciences in all parts of the world, including the university where you are faculty.

We, the Muslim students, ask you, honorable elites, like other freedom-seekers in the world, to use every opportunity you have to voice your protest against the Palestinian Holocaust and help create international synergy among the academic elites of the world. You can also send us images and documents of your protests in university.

  • source : tasnim