Iran, Azerbaijan Enjoy Inseparable Ties: Raisi
Iran, Azerbaijan Enjoy Inseparable Ties: Raisi
The relations between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan are based on kinship, have roots in civilizational, cultural and religious bonds, and will never be separated, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –The Iranian president and his Azeri counterpart Ilham Aliyev attended a ceremony at the common border on Sunday to inaugurate the Qiz-Qalasi dam, constructed jointly by Iran and the Azerbaijan Republic on the Aras River.

Addressing the event, Raisi said the relations between the two countries are friendly, fraternal, and –as what Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei has described- beyond neighborly relations.

The ties between Tehran and Baku are based on kinship, he added, noting, “This bond and strong relationship, since it is rooted in history, civilization, culture and beliefs of two nations and two countries, will never be separated and will develop day by day.”

Raisi described the inauguration of the dam as one of the memorable events in the history of relations between the two countries and added, “Aras River has always been a focal point for the connection between the people of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, which began with the construction of the Aras Dam 50 years ago and until today, has arrived to the joint construction of this major project.”

“This project, which is a symbol of development in the region, is a sign of the determination of two countries and two nations to develop cooperation, and will create hope for the dear people of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan and despair for the enemies of the two nations,” Raisi added, his official website reported.

The Qiz-Qalasi dam is located in the Khoda Afarin region in Iran’s northwestern province of East Azarbaijan. With a capacity of 62 million cubic meters, it will supply water to the irrigation and drainage networks of Khoda Afarin County.

A hydroelectric power station coupled with the dam has also been designed to generate 270 MWh of electricity per annum.

Known as the biggest water project in Iran’s northwestern border areas, the Qiz-Qalasi dam is estimated to regulate 2 billion cubic meters of water every year.

  • source : tasnim