Iranian Students Rally in Solidarity with Global Pro-Palestine Protests
Iranian Students Rally in Solidarity with Global Pro-Palestine Protests
Iranian university students, professors, and staff members took to their academic campuses in mass demonstrations on Sunday, echoing the growing protests in the United States and Europe, demanding an end to Israel's prolonged and genocidal war in Gaza.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –Rallies were held across university campuses in Iran after noon prayers, denouncing Israel’s crimes and atrocities in Gaza over the past seven months.

Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology issued a statement praising global academic movements defending human rights, emphasizing Iran’s support for protests against Israel’s crimes.

The ministry urged Iranian academics to join in solidarity, organizing gatherings after prayers to voice support for those protesting against Israeli genocide.

At the University of Tehran, students and staff held a rally on Saturday, echoing the sentiment of protests in the US, condemning violent police actions against students and calling for an end to crimes of the Israeli child-killing regime.

Over 20 universities in the US and several in Europe are currently protesting against Israel’s offensive, which has resulted in over 34,500 deaths since last October.

These protests advocate for universities to cut ties with companies supporting Israeli war machine and have led to the arrest of hundreds of demonstrators on campuses across the US.

Despite international calls for a ceasefire, the US continues to provide substantial military and financial aid to Israel, with President Biden recently signing a $17 billion funding package into law to further support the regime. Additionally, the US has vetoed multiple UN Security Council resolutions urging an end to the brutal military aggression.

  • source : tasnim