Iran Won’t Cave In to Sanctions: Leader
Iran Won’t Cave In to Sanctions: Leader
Hailing the Iranian nation’s Islamic and revolutionary zeal, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei said Iran will never give in to the hostile sanctions which are aimed at forcing the country to obey colonial and arrogant rules.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –In remarks at a meeting with a number of Iranian workers in Tehran on Wednesday on the occasion of Work and Workers’ Week, the Leader stressed that Iran will by no means surrender to the sanctions, whose objective is to inflict hardship on the Islamic establishment and force it to obey the enemy’s colonial and arrogant policies.

Explaining Islam’s view of “work and the worker”, the Leader underlined, “In the materialistic world, a worker is seen to be a wealth production instrument. The way Islam sees a worker and the way that a worker is valued is due to the way that work is valued. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated that God admires those who diligently, skillfully, and steadfastly perform their work.”

Ayatollah Khamenei continued by addressing the country’s officials, stating that the working class and their respected families represent about half of the population, and emphasized, “If the condition of the working class improves, it would benefit at least half of the people in the country, which is very important.”

The Leader stated that talking about economic issues without considering the unprecedented sanctions imposed by the US and Europeans is impossible. “The West deceitfully claims issues such as nuclear weapons, human rights issues, and support for terrorism as the reasons for imposing sanctions against Iran,” he stated.

Ayatollah Khamenei clarified the contradictions and false excuses of the West by referring to Gaza as an example. “The people of Gaza are terrorists in the opinion of the US and Europe. A malicious, fake, usurping, brutal regime that has massacred nearly 40,000 people in six months, thousands of them children, is not a terrorist but the people who are under its bombardment are terrorists!”

He underscored that the true intentions behind Iran’s enemies imposing sanctions is to place the Islamic Republic in a challenging position and force it to align with colonial and imperialist agendas, adding, “The expectations of the US never finish.”

Referring to a speech delivered several years ago on Iran’s nuclear issue, the Leader emphasized the necessity for the US to clearly outline how much nuclear reduction is necessary for them to be satisfied. Ayatollah Khamenei stated that the US is reluctant to specify this limit, as they intend to systematically reduce Iran’s nuclear facilities similar to how they did with a North African country, ultimately leading to the shutdown of Iran’s nuclear industry.

Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated that the main goal of the US’s imposition of sanctions is to demand complete obedience and submission of the Iranian nation and the Islamic Republic in the political and economic fields. “They want Iran’s wealth, reputation and policies to be in America’s hands, as is the case with some other countries. “However, it is evident that the Islamic system, Islamic devoutness, and the great, long-standing Islamic nation will never submit to such coercion.”

The Leader viewed the damages to the country’s economy caused by the sanctions as a chance for talents and potentials to thrive, emphasizing that advancements in weaponry are a testament to the opportunities that have arisen. This progress, which was showcased in one area, he noted, surprised all enemies as to how the Islamic Republic of Iran could produce such a significant quantity of advanced weapons despite facing sanctions.

Imam Khamenei added, “God willing, even more advanced and improved weapons will be produced in the future. Of course, advancements are not limited to armaments alone and Iran is among the world’s forerunners in various fields of medicine, and also in some industrial and engineering sectors.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution elucidated that, “Bullies are hostile towards the Iranian nation because Iran maintains its independence and refuses to succumb to their coercions. It is not willing to follow their policies, which some Western analysts admit are destroying the credibility of the US which has been built in 200 years.”

Imam Khamenei also referred to the marches and demonstrations held by nations worldwide in solidarity with the Palestinians and the raising of the flags of Palestine and Hezbollah in the streets of Europe and the US. He stated that making accusations against Iran by claiming that it sponsors terrorism under the pretext of supporting the oppressed people of Gaza, will only backfire on those making the accusations. He added, “Today, the entire world is supporting Palestine.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution viewed jobs and entrepreneurs as two comrades on the frontlines of the economic war being waged against the Iranian nation by its enemies. He noted that by supporting these two crucial elements in the battle against the US, the country and its people will achieve greater success as they continue to fight and exert their efforts effectively.

During the meeting, Imam Khamenei posed the question: Is the Palestinian who stands against the oppression of the usurper settler who occupies his/her own home considered a terrorist? Is the Resistance’s honorable anti-oppression front seen as terrorists or is it those who commit atrocities by bombing civilians? And of course, their actions have not achieved anything in the past, nor will they achieve anything in the future.

Elsewhere in his speech, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized that a skilled, spirited and motivated worker is the driving force behind a “surge in production.” He remarked that the materialization of this year’s slogan, according to experts, hinges on the active participation of the people. He further stated that this collective effort will help alleviate the country’s problems, strengthen the economy, and allow workers to accrue wealth.

  • source : tasnim