Iran Hails ‘Global Awakening’ on Palestine amid US Campus Protests
Iran Hails ‘Global Awakening’ on Palestine amid US Campus Protests
Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman hailed a burgeoning “global awakening” against the Israeli crimes and criticized the US crackdown on student rallies, questioning Washington’s impartiality in the Israeli genocidal war on the Gaza Strip.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –”What we have witnessed in American universities in recent days shows the awakening of global society and the world’s thoughts regarding the Palestinian issue and the depth of public hatred toward the crimes of the usurping Zionist regime and the genocide supported by America and some European governments,” Nasser Kanaani said during a visit to the 6th Exhibition of Export Capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran-Expo 2024 in Tehran on Monday, adding “The world public opinion and those who think of justice as a moral value will no longer tolerate the continuation of crimes in Palestine, and their voice cannot be silenced.”

He stated that the violent and militaristic handling of the campus environment and student demands in the US is not acceptable to Iran and is cause for concern.

By allowing police to “deal violently with student demands, the US government has effectively ignored its human rights commitments and adopted double standards,” he added, stating that such violent behavior must be stopped immediately, and students must be allowed to express their views.

He emphasized the significance of listening to students’ voices calling for an end to support of the Zionist regime’s crimes, citing calls from college students across the US and Europe to divest from companies associated with Israel or companies making money off of the Israeli regime’s war on Gaza.

On Gaza ceasefire talks in Riyadh, Kanaani said “a ceasefire and stopping the Israeli regime’s military operations against the Gaza Strip is the most urgent need for Palestine.”

“After that, complementary actions such as opening crossings and sending humanitarian aid must be taken, and the people of Gaza should be freely able to return to their place of residence,” he added

He stated that the US has not demonstrated its sincerity and competence, and in practice is not a qualified party on the matter of agreement and ceasefire, unless it would have “helped stop the war by cutting off” military supplies to the Israeli regime, adding the “Palestinian people do not consider the US government as a qualified party to play a role.”

Kanaani said Iran has a clear policy on the Palestinian issue and has pursued “diplomatic efforts within the framework of bilateral, regional, and international mechanisms”.

“The only qualified party that can decide is the Palestinian people. We welcome the agreements of Palestinian groups to manage Palestinian internal affairs.”

On a two-state solution, he said: “The Zionist regime is the center of the crisis” and the region has faced “real threats and instability for more than 75 years due to the presence of the regime.”

Kanaani made it clear that Iran maintains the view that “the land of Palestine belongs to the Palestinian people” and that a Palestinian state must be established from the river to the sea.

“We do not consider the Zionist regime a party to any agreement for peace in the region. Nations acknowledge that the Zionist regime does not believe in any agreement for the formation of a Palestinian entity,” Kanaani stated, adding that “occupation” lies at the core of the crisis in the region.

Pro-Palestinian protesters in college campuses across the US seek divestment from companies tied to Israel’s war on Gaza, demanding disclosure of investments, academic boycotts, and ceasefire support. At Columbia, protesters demand divestment and aid for Harlem residents, while at Princeton, they target research on weapons enabling genocide, as experts debate feasibility and ethical considerations.

  • source : tasnim