Gaza tragedy: moral abyss of the West
Gaza tragedy: moral abyss of the West
For over 40 days, Gaza has withstood unrelenting barrages of fire from both land and sky, laying bare the stark disregard for humanity exhibited by Western powers.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –For over 40 days, Gaza has withstood unrelenting barrages of fire from both land and sky, laying bare the stark disregard for humanity exhibited by Western powers.

The indiscriminate attacks spare no one, not even pregnant women and newborns. Just on November 14, the Al-Shifa hospital courtyard became the final resting place for the remains of two hundred innocent people. Gaza, once a fully functioning city, has now been turned into a laboratory for destructive experiments by the Israeli regime. The situation at hand has become a manifestation of a modern racist killing machine which is scorching both Gaza’s landscape and its people in the pursuit of hollow victories.

But even in its lowest point, Gaza refuses to yield; as long as no white flags flutter, no Palestinian fighter will falter.

In recent days, Israeli tanks have been strategically placed around Gaza’s main hospitals, violating the sanctity of medical facilities, while dying patients endure interrogations prioritized over medical care. This underscores the utter failure and degradation of a military campaign that has achieved nothing but destruction of civilian sites.

If Israel’s setback was a security failure until yesterday, it has now become a grave ethical, philosophical, and moral one. What the Israeli regime and its supporters failed to acknowledge was Gaza’s resilience which would rise above all the horrendous killings and bombings. What kind of conscience and faith do not waver in the face of such a monstrous fire? Certainly, the force of God should be recognized here.

A peculiar scene has unfolded before the world, urging everyone to put their conscience to test. One cannot doubt the sheer wickedness of Israel’s crimes. The volume of the massacre speaks for itself. If someone, despite knowing the ongoing atrocities, still doesn’t sympathize with the victims of Gaza, or if someone is still preoccupied with political calculations and cannot decide to condemn Israel’s genocide and war crimes in Gaza, or at least show empathy, they must question the working of their ethical system. Any school of thought, be it traditional or modern, that cannot stand in the right place at this crucial turning point in history, will not be a means of salvation for humanity.

A separate exploration of Gaza’s future will follow in another article, evaluating the progress made by the parties in achieving their goals. The saga of Gaza will linger in our memories for a century. The discourse of “Gaza’s oppression” will turn a significant page in the history of Palestine and the region, potentially prompting Western intellectual circles to reconsider their ethical philosophy. The Israeli occupation, a creation of Western political thought, has shown that besieged people with empty hands can discredit the dominance of bombs by their willpower.

About 40 days ago, Biden proudly proclaimed, “I am a Zionist.” It is improbable that someone will proudly utter this sentence after a hundred years. “I am Israeli” has become a source of shame, and the horrors of Gaza represent a moral abyss for the West.

  • source : Tehrantimes