Tehran-Riyadh Agreement Shattering Zionists’ Dreams
Tehran-Riyadh Agreement Shattering Zionists’ Dreams
An unexpected announcement of an agreement shocked the world and above all the Zionist regime and its allies and the announcement shattered dreams of Israel for strengthening its footstep in the region and especially in the Persian Gulf.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –An unexpected announcement of an agreement shocked the world and above all the Zionist regime and its allies and the announcement shattered dreams of Israel for strengthening its footstep in the region and especially in the Persian Gulf.

Yes. The sudden announcement of agreement between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia which happened in China and through involvement of Beijing amid some regional disputes between Tehran and Riyadh stunned and enraged the Zionists and still one can see the aftershocks of this political quake which can cement ties between Tehran and Riyadh and also strengthen the unity among Muslim world to stand against the excessive-demands of any trans-regional power.

Immediately after the announcement most of former and current Zionist officials expressed their dissatisfaction and anger about this agreement while the Zionists have been trying to normalize ties with Saudi Arabia but the Zionists never expected Tehran and Riyadh to thaw their ties and resolve their differences and it seems this agreement is encouraging other Persian Gulf states to reconsider their cold or lukewarm ties with Iran by pursuing serious and better relations. As some media outlets reported on Tuesday that Bahrain is considering resumption of ties with Iran.

On Monday a report echoed some of the after-shocks of this agreement as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) reportedly halted the purchase of advanced surface-to-air missile system from Israel amid political turmoil facing embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as anti-Palestinian remarks by two extremist Israeli ministers.

The Arabic-language Arabi21 online newspaper, citing a report by Israel’s Channel 12 television channel, said the UAE’s decision came in response to recent actions and statements by Israel’s so-called national security minister Itamar Ben-Gvir and finance minister Bezalel Smotrich.

The channel quoted Israeli sources as saying that the UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan has announced the freeze on the deal.

“As long as we do not receive assurances that [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu is able to control his administration, we cannot undertake common projects,” Al Nahyan said.

Protests have been snowballing in the occupied territories over the past two months since Netanyahu’s controversial move to reform the judiciary.

Back on September 22 last year, Reuters cited two sources as saying that Israel had approved a UAE request and would supply the Persian Gulf state with Rafael-made SPYDER mobile interceptors.

A third source said the UAE had acquired Israeli technology capable of combating drone attacks like those that struck Abu Dhabi earlier that year.

Reports say Israel agreed to provide the UAE with the Rafael-made SPYDER mobile interceptors.


It was not clear how many interceptors, which are fitted to vehicles and can defend against short to long-range threats, would be supplied, or if any had already been shipped.

Back in 2020, the UAE and Bahrain signed US-brokered agreements with Israel to normalize their ties with the regime. Some other Arab states, namely Sudan and Morocco, followed suit soon afterward.

The normalization deals have sparked widespread condemnations from the Palestinians as well as nations and human rights advocates across the globe, especially within the Muslim world.

This report comes while the Zionists have been trying to encourage Saudi Arabia for normalizing ties and even Israeli officials were very hopeful of it. But this  r showed a new shift in the policy of the UAE officials who had earlier resumed ties with the Zionists.

The Zionists in recent years have tried to frighten the Persian Gulf states through Iranophobia in order to get closer to those states and to some extent they have been successful in getting closer to the rulers of those states but now that Tehran and Riyadh have announced this agreement, the other Persian Gulf states see no need to fear the Islamic Republic because Riyadh which was the major Persian Gulf country at odd with Tehran is resolving its problem and it can bring peace and prosperity for the region.

We hope this agreement to come into effect very soon and both countries resume their diplomatic ties which is very crucial for easing tensions and problems.

Of course this move can encourage all Muslim countries to unite for standing against the enemies of Islam and especially against the Zionists who have always been trying to seed the sow of rift and conflicts in the region to make most of it.

Many countries especially the independent and peace-seeking ones have backed this move and they hope the agreement between Tehran and Riyadh would resolve many crisis in the region and eventually in the world.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always supported cooperation and friendship with the neighboring and regional countries based on the mutual interests and the agreement can turn into a turning point in the political development in the region which is important for all of states in the region.

The agreement also showed the world that the West is not the only party which can broker peace and this time China has taken initiative to bring Tehran and Riyadh closer together which has been warmly welcomed and proved the world that it can be a great actor in restoring peace and the West is not the only party which claims it is able to bring peace among the nations.

Now the countdown has started for the resumption of diplomatic ties, something which makes the Zionists feel the heat of the hell and definitely they will resort to any means to ruin this tie and Tehran and Riyadh should be well aware of any Zionist plot which is aimed at Iranophobia and normalization of ties with the Persian Gulf states.

Now the Zionists do not sleep well at nights because any moment they can witness an initiative from the Islamic Republic which will spoil their sleep.