Promising Year Ahead Through Unity
Promising Year Ahead Through Unity
The countdown has started for finishing the current Iranian calendar year (1401)and celebrating New Year (1402) with the hopes of having better year with prosperity and it seems everything is going to be promising in the next year.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –The countdown has started for finishing the current Iranian calendar year (1401)and celebrating New Year (1402) with the hopes of having better year with prosperity and it seems everything is going to be promising in the next year.

On March 21, Iranians will celebrate Nowruz (New Year) and beginning of the New Year and opening of a new chapter in their lives. The current year 1401 is reaching its end while Iranians witnessed many ups and downs and many achievements and failures, and now it is expected people to have a promising year if they remain united and trust the officials who are working hard to bring unity and economic prosperity for the nation.

We can divide this year into two parts of post-eliminating official forex rate and post-Mahsa Amini death riots that both of them unbalanced the progress of the country and let the enemies take advantage of it to provoke people against the Islamic Revolution and its officials.

First in May, the government decided to have an economic surgery to treat the ailing economy and it eliminated preferential rate dollar which was sold for 4200 tomans for the imports and basic foods. In other words the government decided to reduce rent-seeking because of the cheap price dollar but it led to a sudden rise in the prices and also inflation because the goods and raw materials were forced to be imported with the new forex rate which was almost 4 times more than the preferential rate. Of course the government decided to increase the cash handouts to the people to help them to overcome the price hike. But the prices soared and gradually the government managed to control the pace of the price hike.

While the government was trying to bring peace and tranquility to the market, suddenly death of a young girl called Mahsa Amini happened which led to first protests but later to riots in September. The riots almost continued five months and it helped the enemies to manipulate the forex market and suddenly the price of each dollar from 28,000 tomans jumped to almost 60,000 tomans but some actions taken by the government could quieten the forex market and the price of dollar felled to around 42,000 tomans and it seems the government is controlling the condition and we may have a promising year next year if the current policies continue properly.

President Seyed Ebrahim Raisi has promised a better life in the next year and promised more successes for the nation.

Of course, the country despite such ups and down has continued its progresses regardless of those unhappy incidents. Everyday a new achievement in any sector was unveiled which showed that if Iranians decide to do something, they will make it and unveiling of military production achievements has always been on the spotlight but scientific achievements have sometimes gone unnoticed.

As we know every year the Supreme Leader chooses a name for the year to direct the country for progress based on the name and slogan. This year had been named year of knowledge-based production and job creation” and we have seen incredible rise in production and exports. According to the reports, Iran’s exports have increased by 17.7% in 10 months comparing to the same period last year and economic growth this year has increased. Although the figure is promising but due to high capacities of the country it can increase considerably if it is planned properly.

In August, Russia launched an Iranian satellite into orbit from southern Kazakhstan, just three weeks after President Vladimir Putin and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei pledged to work together against the West. The move showed sign of strong determination between the two countries for bolstering the ties.

The remote Khayyam sensing satellite, named after the 11th Century Persian poet and philosopher Omar Khayyam, was launched by a Russian Soyuz rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and entered orbit successfully, Russia’s space agency said.

This is another achievement for the Islamic Revolution as the country is determined to put a satellite in the orbit by itself and it will happen in the near future.

Above all, the Islamic Republic of Iran has continued its peaceful nuclear program despite bully of the West and it seems the West has accepted Iran as a nuclear power for the peaceful purpose.

Of course the country under the leadership of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei is on the right track of progress and prosperity despite the plots of the enemies who want to derail the Islamic Revolution from its right track.

Since the enemies are unable to stop the Islamic Republic of Iran from progress, they have resorted to create rift inside the country and people need to be wise and united against these plots if they want to have a successful country with better livelihood because the enemies every moment seeks to find some pretext to provoke the nation and to create a hurdle in the way of success but each time their plot is foiled under the wise and smart leadership of the Supreme Leader.

Now in March, Iran and Saudi Arabia has signed an agreement to thaw relation and it is good news for the region and Iranians because it once again showed Iran’s power either militarily or diplomatically and this agreement can minimize tension in the region and will help the national economy to improve.

So in the last minutes of the Iranian calendar year 1401, we predict a promising year for 1402 and unity among the nation will be the key factor for any national and even personal prosperity.

We also felicitate the nation and any people in the world who celebrate Nowruz because it is sign of spring and blossom of nature and it can be sign of blossom of the country in all arenas.