Sanction, a Contagious Disease
Sanction, a Contagious Disease
It seems a new kind of pandemic which is called “sanction” threatens the world and nations should find ways to tackle it otherwise this disease will affect them unless they take serious action in confronting it.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – It seems a new kind of pandemic which is called “sanction” threatens the world and nations should find ways to tackle it otherwise this disease will affect them unless they take serious action in confronting it.

Where does sanction come from? The first records of sanction come from the 1500s. It is derived from the Latin sancire, meaning “to decree” or “to prescribe by law.” Sancire also means “to make holy” and is the root of words like sanctify and sanctuary.

But this word has turned into a devastating virus whose origin seems to be the Western states because this is the Westerners who use sanctions against others and they spread this contagious disease even among other states.

In recent decades the Islamic Republic of Iran has suffered the most from this disease whose origin has been the U.S., and other Western countries have also resorted to this virus in confronting with the Islamic Revolution.

After years of ineffective U.S. sanctions against Tehran, now it is the turn of Europe to resort to this virus and every day and with any pretext it imposes a new round of sanctions on Iranian individuals and entities.

On Monday as it was expected, the EU approved a new round of sanctions against Iran to show its harmony with its lord, the U.S., and follow this disgusting habit of Washington.

In a hostile move, Council of the European Union has imposed sanctions on a number of Iranian individuals and entities over alleged human rights violations.

In a press release issued on Monday, the EU Council said it has decided to impose restrictive measures on additional 32 Iranian individuals and two entities in a fifth round of sanctions over what the bloc claimed to be Tehran’s crackdown on the recent riots.

Foreign-backed riots broke out in Iran in mid-September after the death of the 22-year-old Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini, in police custody. She fainted at a police station in Tehran and was pronounced dead three days later at the hospital. An official report by Iran’s Legal Medicine Organization concluded that Amini’s death was caused by illness rather than alleged blows to the head or other vital body organs.

Iran’s intelligence community has said several countries, including the United States and the UK, have used their spy and propaganda apparatuses to provoke violent riots in the country.


Rioters went on a rampage, brutally attacking security officers and causing massive damage to public property. Dozens of people and security personnel were killed in the riots.

According to the EU press release, Iran’s Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Mehdi Esmaeili, Minister of Education Yousef Nouri, the deputy commander and spokesperson of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), a number of MPs, members of the police and judiciary in various parts of the country, as well as prison wardens are among the individuals listed.

The 27-nation bloc also imposed sanctions on the co-founders of EU-listed Ravin Academy, an Iran-based cyber security company.

European Union’s fresh sanctions against a number of Iranian entities and individuals were illegal and “another failed miscalculation” by the bloc, an Iranian ambassador reacted to it.

“The so-called EU sanctions list has no basis in int’l law. It’s just another failed miscalculation,” Iran’s Ambassador to Vienna Abbas Baqerpour said in post on his Twitter account on Tuesday.

The envoy said that the EU’s move to impose sanctions on the head of Iran-Austria (and Iran-Germany) friendship group, despite his outstanding efforts, indicates a “serious deviation from the principle of dialogue.”

Of course the Islamic Republic of Iran does not expect EU or the U.S. to abide by law because everybody knows that it was the U.S. who left the JCPOA without getting any due punishment, and in a bizarre move it was the Islamic Republic of Iran who was blamed by the West for an offence which has been committed by the U.S.

The Islamic Republic of Iran since its first days of emergence has been struggling with different types of sanctions imposed by the U.S. and sometimes by other Western countries, and the new round of the sanctions by EU is nothing new and Iranians can handle it but the recent sanctions  showed that the world is suffering from the sanction pandemic and there is no country immune to this disease which is a big threat to integrity and independence of countries.

So European states are recommended not to follow the footstep of their lord, the U.S., in hostility against Tehran by resorting to such sanctions because Iran is strong enough to overcome such cruel and unfair actions of the West and this will be proved soon.

EU is also better to show its independence on political decisions rather than following blindly the path of the U.S. and Israel who are sworn enemies of Tehran as the Islamic Republic of Iran can be a reliable partner in all fields for Europe if its interests are respected because Iran is an independent country and will not tolerate any bully and interference in its domestic affairs.