Old Fox Behind All Seditions
Old Fox Behind All Seditions
Iranians and many countries which had been once under influence of the British governments in centuries do not trust the United Kingdom as this once colonialist country is behind most seditions in countries especially in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –Iranians and many countries which had been once under influence of the British governments in centuries do not trust the United Kingdom as this once colonialist country is behind most seditions in countries especially in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The British stick to the policy of divide and rule in under developed countries or countries which have been or still are their colonies and this policy has been pursued since the era of Winston Churchill.

The Divide and Rule policy, also known as the “divide and conquer” strategy, was a British colonialist policy used in India to keep the different Indian religions and ethnicities divided. This allowed the British to maintain their power and control over India for centuries and this policy has been seen in most countries which face with religious conflicts.

The policy has been used as a tool for the British governments to control the nations and the countries and this policy has been practically felt in Iran especially since the emergence of the Islamic Revolution.

In almost four decades of the Islamic Revolution’s existence in Iran we have witnessed many seditions in the country which have been almost engineered or supported by the UK and for this reason new generations in Iran gradually realize what their ancestors had said in the past have been is right.

In the past what happened in Iran was believed to be masterminded by the British elements and honestly the British intelligence forces have found their elements in the country and these elements are used for any plot against the Islamic Revolution and these elements can be seen in any layer of the country.

In recent days the Islamic Revolution has executed one of the Iranian spy of the British and this move enraged the British and now the British government has reacted angrily through condemnation or threat and designating the IRGC as a terrorist group.

The United Kingdom actually fumed over intelligence failure after a senior Iranian official, Alireza Akbari, who was executed for spying for the British intelligence agency.

Akbari was arrested in 2019. He had received 1,805,000 euros, 265,000 pounds, and $50,000 for espionage activities for the United Kingdom.

Iran’s Judiciary said the convict, who had been sentenced to death on charges of “corruption on earth” and “extensive activities against the country’s internal and external security” through espionage for the British government’s spy agency, was hanged on Saturday.

This is just small simple of British plot against Iran as London still seeks regime change in Iran or bringing a puppet government or ruling system in Iran and it will continue its policy of divide and rule and Iranians should not fear of such bully by the British statesmen.

The British interventionist policy or better to say divide-and-rule policy is not limited to Iran and every day we see some of the masterpiece crimes of the British.

Meanwhile an investigative journalism website has recently revealed that the former United Nations special envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, is linked to the British spy agency MI6 through the private conflict resolution company Inter Mediate.

According to the Declassified UK report, the British diplomat, who currently serves as the UN’s Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, is both a co-founder and an adviser to the firm, which also has ties to the Foreign Office and is known to have among its trustees and advisers a range of former British military and diplomatic figures.

It is proclaimed that Inter Mediate “focuses on the most difficult, complex and dangerous conflicts where other organizations are unable to operate” and “brings together some of the world’s leading experts on dialogue and negotiation.”

The company was established in 2011 by Griffiths and Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair’s former chief of staff. Powell has been Inter Mediate’s chief executive since its founding.

Powell and Inter Mediate have run numerous projects funded by the Foreign Office in countries such as Burma, Libya and North Korea.

Declassified discovered 23 payments made by the Foreign Office to the company from 2013 to 2020.

The Foreign Office told Declassified it “provided just over £4 million ($4.86 million) to Inter Mediate between 2011-2020 to support work towards resolving international conflicts.”

Inter Mediate, according to its chief executive, launched “starting work” in Yemen and Syria six years before Griffiths became UN envoy to Yemen. At the time, the British diplomat was serving as a senior UN adviser on Syria.

Powell has been described by the specialist media organization, Intelligence Online, as the Foreign Office’s “private partner.”

This is another evidence that the British infiltrate in the countries through any tool that they can use either statesmen or UN officials, and people in the world and especially in Iran are right not to trust the Britons or officials of some international bodies and blame London for any rift and domestic conflict especially religious, ethnical and political rifts which are used for increasing influence for taming the nations in order to obey them.

So Iranians are right not to let observers from international bodies and organizations to help them or launch any probe in the country because they are acting in favor of Iran’s enemies.

We Iranians will never trust the Old Fox (Britain) because we know their true nature no matter their ambassador joins his French and German counterparts to show muscles because this is the Islamic Republic of Iran which will have crushing and strong response to any threat or baseless remarks as I mentioned earlier that historically Iranians believe the British mastermind rifts and seditions in the country and fortunately  so far all of those seditions have been failed and will fail in the future, too, God willing.