UNHRC Disappointing Independent States
UNHRC Disappointing Independent States
–On Thursday, the world once again witnessed another biased and better to say an unfair decision by one of the most important international bodies which questioned its impartiality especially when it comes to defend the rights of the independent states.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –On Thursday, the world once again witnessed another biased and better to say an unfair decision by one of the most important international bodies which questioned its impartiality especially when it comes to defend the rights of the independent states.

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Thursday under the pressure of the Western countries approved a resolution against the Islamic Republic of Iran by accusing the country of violating human rights and Germany was behind this resolution, of course, everybody knows well that Germany followed the order of its lord, the U.S., in pushing UNHRC for approval of the resolution.

Reacting to this unfair and politically motivated resolutions, many political analysts and personalities lashed back and condemned the UNHRC for this biased decision.

One of these persons was the journalist and political analysts Elijah Magnier who slammed the recent United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution against Iran as a “mockery” that aims to impose the US’ will on Iran.

Magnier made the comments on Friday in an interview with Press TV following a UNHRC meeting convened at the request of Germany and Iceland to discuss alleged human rights violations in Iran during the handling of recent foreign-backed riots in the country.

During the Thursday session, the council members adopted an anti-Iranian resolution, calling for the establishment of an international fact-finding mission to probe Iran’s response to the protests. Iran strongly condemned the resolution as politically-motivated.

Magnier described the UNHRC resolution as “a mockery and a theater” as the Israeli regime, killing the Palestinians, violating human rights by arresting children, and condemning Palestinians to jail without taking them to trial is among the countries adopting the resolution.

The U.S. is behind it, he said, and the West is just following it, and the aim is “to impose their will on Iran,” which is not going to happen.

Magnier is really right when he says the U.S. is behind this scenario because this time this arrogant country has used Germany as its tools to show the world that the U.S. is not the only country condemning human violations in Iran and even country like Germany has become upset about Iran’s behavior.

He further criticized the Europeans for having no will and following the U.S., condemning Iran for violations of human rights and closing their eyes on what is happening in Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.


The U.S. is planning on gathering a “coalition against Iran” to bring Iran back to the negotiation table in Vienna without offering a guarantee, Magnier said, pointing to the stalled talks to remove anti-Tehran sanctions following the US 2018 unilateral withdrawal from the 2015 Iran deal.

Magnier also slammed western media for ignoring what has happened in Yemen, Libya, Iraq, and Syria by manipulating information.

Western media “manipulate the information so the best way is to strengthen your media to counter this information and to expose their lies one needs to really have an aggressive stand against the mainstream media because we have to acknowledge that it is really powerful and very strong and is capable of brainwashing the population,” he warned.

Hafsa Kara-Mustapha, journalist and political commentator, also blasted the “UN neo-colonialist attitude” for imposing its will on sovereign nations.

“Let’s remember then when the French had their yellow vest movement in which countless protesters were seriously injured, no international commission such as this was sent out to investigate France,” Mustapha told Press TV.

The lies about Iran, she said, are just propaganda operations designed to weaken Iran at all costs, and those who are collaborating from Iran in aiding these propaganda operations, are doing it to bring down their own country.

The West has tried to fan the flame of recent unrests in Iran as it has turned the unrests into riots while the Islamic Republic of Iran has always said that it supports legal and peaceful protests and it will not let any illegal and violent protests in the country.

And now the West this time by using UNHRC as its tool has tried to blackmail Tehran on different issues like the JCPOA or its regional affairs and defense programs, and human rights issue is a mouth-watering stuff which can attract many countries to vote against Tehran as the West succeeded in fooling most countries and they voted against Tehran.

Of course Iran is not a country to tremble with bully of such international bodies or arrogant powers which mostly ignore the rights of the independent states, and UNHRC disappointed most independent countries by siding unfairly with the West’s false claim against Tehran. This happens while the Western countries are the major violators of human rights and they escape any even small warning and Iran is condemned while it has to take action against the rioters like any other countries.

If international bodies like UNHRC acts in this way and cause disappointment, independent countries are better not to pin any hopes to them in case of fighting for their rights.