Iran Drones a Pretext for Arms Supplies to Ukraine
Iran Drones a Pretext for Arms Supplies to Ukraine
The Westerners in recent weeks have resorted to another pretext for sales and supplies of arms to Ukraine and they have found no better country than the Islamic Republic of Iran to be used as a pretext for supplies of attacking weapons to Kyiv.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –The Westerners in recent weeks have resorted to another pretext for sales and supplies of arms to Ukraine and they have found no better country than the Islamic Republic of Iran to be used as a pretext for supplies of attacking weapons to Kyiv.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s drones and missiles progresses have become a pain for the Westerners and they want to confront with these progresses in any condition and now war in Ukraine has become a good opportunity for the Westerners to increase pressure on Tehran by accusing Tehran of selling drones and missiles to Russian forces while one can realize that there is other reason behind this claim.

In the early days of Ukraine war, the Westerners claimed that they would only supply defensive arms to Ukraine to defend itself but after a while and in order to change the balance of the war in favor of Ukraine they have decided to send offensive weapons to Ukraine but this decision needed a pretext and Iran’s drones supply to Russia was the very pretext for it and it seems the U.S. and some Western countries have decided to supply offensive arms to Ukraine, and at the same time to increase pressure on Tehran for its cooperation with Russia.

Tehran has repeatedly rejected this claim of the Westerners that it sells drones and missiles to Russia but the West insists otherwise and repeats its claim as a justification for supplies of weapons to Ukraine and increasing pressure on Tehran.

On Sunday, Iran once again rejected a report on an agreement between Tehran and Moscow to assemble Iranian-designed drones on Russian soil for the Ukraine war, saying the Islamic Republic has had and will have defense cooperation with Ukraine.

In a report on Saturday, The Washington Post claimed that Moscow has quietly reached Tehran to begin manufacturing hundreds of unmanned weaponized aircraft on Russian soil.

The report quoted three officials familiar with the matter as claiming that Russian and Iranian officials “finalized the deal” during a meeting in Iran in early November, and the two countries are moving rapidly to transfer designs and key components that could allow production to begin within months.

In response to the allegations, the Iranian mission the UN said important steps have been taken so far in joint interaction between the Iranian and Ukrainian defense experts, and this cooperation will continue until any misunderstanding in this regard is cleared.

Iran believes that the misunderstandings that have arisen in this regard can be resolved through joint interaction with Ukraine on the issue of alleged drones, it added.


The mission noted that following the claims about Russia’s use of Iranian-made drones in the war against Ukraine, Tehran has called for a joint meeting with the Ukrainian authorities to discuss the issue.

Based on bilateral agreements, Iran and Russia have had defense, scientific and research cooperation for many years before the start of the Ukraine war, it emphasized.

It said a decade-long UN arms embargo on Tehran was terminated in 2020 and Iran is allowed now to have defense cooperation with other countries in proportion to its needs and priorities.

The longstanding UN ban on the sale of arms from/to Iran was terminated on October 18, 2020, under the terms of the UN Security Council Resolution 2231, which was passed by the world body to uphold the 2015 nuclear deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), signed between the Islamic Republic and world powers.

Since the outset of the crisis in Ukraine in February, Iran adopted “clear, consistent and unwavering” positions and emphasized that all members of the United Nations must fully respect the principles and goals enshrined in the UN Charter and the international law, including national sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of countries.

Both Iran and Russia have repeatedly denied claims that Tehran has provided Moscow with drones to be used in the war in Ukraine.

The anti-Iran claims first emerged in July, with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan alleging that Washington had received “information” indicating that the Islamic Republic was preparing to provide Russia with “up to several hundred drones, including weapons-capable UAVs on an expedited timeline” for use in the war.

The U.S. and its allies mainly the Western allies is better to seek other logical pretext for increasing pressure on Iran and supplies of arms to Ukraine and instead, the U.S. is better to work on peace and put an end on war in Ukraine than fanning the flame of war because this war has affected the whole world and ending any war in the world will bring peace and prosperity to the nations and will help economies to bounce back otherwise continuation of wars in any part of the world will deteriorate living conditions of nations.

The Westerners are better to stop blame game on Iran or Russia and they are better to work on peace and their domestic issues because most of Western countries are challenging with their economic problems that war in Ukraine has been the main reason for those problems and Iran’s drones and missiles should not be blamed because this claim is essentially baseless and rejected.