IAEA Getting Distance From Its Real Mission
IAEA Getting Distance From Its Real Mission
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in recent years has actually revealed its pro-West and Zionist nature and it acts to please the West and Zionists and one cannot any longer rely on its independence and impartiality because it pursues the guidelines of its lords.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in recent years has actually revealed its pro-West and Zionist nature and it acts to please the West and Zionists and one cannot any longer rely on its independence and impartiality because it pursues the guidelines of its lords.

On Thursday, IAEA in a strong resolution condemned the Islamic Republic of Iran for not following blindly its unfair decisions which have been all against Tehran. The agency approved the draft of a resolution which had been prepared by the Western countries.

The draft resolution, ratified on Thursday, has criticized Iran for what it called a lack of cooperation with the agency. It was put forward by the United States, Britain, France and Germany, in continuation of their political pressures on Iran. Russia and China voted against the motion.

The West uses the IAEA for blackmailing independent countries like Iran and unfortunately it is not ready to force Israel to join the NPT for a better and peaceful world.

Reacting to this funny resolution of the IAEA, Iranian officials slammed it and had due responses to it and even some famous Western analysts criticized the IAEA.

Political analyst John Bosnitch said that the IAEA’s mistreatment of Iran is a preparation for imposing further sanctions and a justification for U.S. violation of the 2015 Iran deal.

Bosnitch made the comments in an exclusive interview with Press TV on Friday, after the IAEA board passed a resolution on Thursday, criticizing Iran for what it claimed was a lack of cooperation with the UN nuclear agency.

“There is no reason for the mistreatment of Iran other than as a preparation for further sanctions and try and justify America’s own violation of its signature on the agreement”, he said mentioning the Iran deal also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Pointing to the high-profile visit by the UN nuclear agency chief Rafael Grossi to Israel ahead of the body’s Board of Governors meeting in June, Bosnitch said that the visit was “another example of IAEA’s double standard.”

“There is an obvious conspiracy here to denigrate Iran to serve the United States and serve the United States-Israeli Alliance,” he said, highlighting that the IAEA “has been co-opted by the American empire and by its military allies, especially Israel to put pressure on Iran.”

He further stressed that the nuclear agency is not functioning as an international body and within its terms of jurisdiction, but it is rather a “pressure group to press Iran into a corner” and “provoke conflict between the United States, its allies, and Iran.”


“It is a tactic intended to provoke war. There is no other explanation of what’s been going on given the fact that Iran has done everything reasonable and everything it could do as a sovereign state to cooperate,” he added.

Bosnitch is not the only impartial analysts who criticized the IAEA decision and he openly unveiled the goal behind such a strong resolution.  The accusations leveled by the agency against Iran are primarily based on documents supplied by Israel, which Tehran has rejected as fake and fabricated and provided by members of the anti-Iran terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO).

Iran has already voiced readiness to hold technical talks with IAEA experts to discuss the accusations related to so-called “undeclared” nuclear sites, which were made based on false reports provided by the Israeli regime.

Elihjah Magnier, another political analyst, also slammed the IAEA Chief Rafael Grossi’s unprofessional conduct by taking sides and acting beyond IAEA jurisdiction.

Magnier criticized the “exaggerated and fabricated” intelligence information provided by the Israel and U.S. intelligence services citing ex-chiefs of IAEA Hans Blix (1981-1997) and Mohamed ElBaradei (1997-2009).

He told Press TV that U.S. president Joe Biden “is clearly telling us that he is not interested in signing the deal because he’s allowing the IAEA to insist on false information coming from intelligence services, and stating that he’s not going to continue and respect the JCPOA as he promised during his presidential campaign.”

Meanwhile on Saturday, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian says Tehran will take retaliatory action against a recent “unconstructive” anti-Iran resolution passed by the IAEA.

He said the IAEA Board of Governors made an “unconstructive” move by adopting the anti-Iran resolution as a delegation comprising of officials with Iran’s Foreign Ministry and the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran held “constructive” talks with the agency’s Director General Grossi in Vienna some two weeks ago.

However, Amirabdollahian said, the anti-Iran draft resolution was unexpectedly proposed to influence the internal situation in Iran and in line with the United States’ so-called maximum pressure policy against Tehran.

So one can easily realize that the IAEA does not make a decision independently and it follows the prescriptions which are dictated the West and its ally the Zionists.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been honest in cooperating with the IAEA and it will not give any more concession to this agency and its lords, and it will cooperate based on its commitments, and nothing more than it, because the era of giving free concessions with gaining nothing has come to its end and the West and IAEA’s bullies will have no effect on Tehran’s behavior as the country is firm on its policy of win-win in talks with anyone either the IAEA, or countries and international bodies. The IAEA is actually getting distance from its main and natural task which is to stop non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and is turning to a puppet for frightening the independent countries.

Now it is Tehran’s turn to give a firm and logical response to the IAEA in upcoming days to show it that Iran is not so weak that it thinks.