Where is the meeting place of Iran’s biggest financial trader?
Where is the meeting place of Iran’s biggest financial trader?
Some traders have become world famous in the financial markets, one of them is Farzad Vajihi, many financial market activists are curious about his biography and want to know more details about his life.

Where is the meeting place of Iran’s biggest financial trader?

TEHRAN (Iran News) According to our reporter, some traders have become world famous in the financial markets. Farzad Vajihi is one of them. He was born in November 1367 in Tehran and his career started when he entered his father’s business at the age of 15 and became completely independent at the age of 18. And set up Volvo, Mann and Scania dealerships and got married in 1986 at the age of 19.

He has had many ups and downs in his business; in 1990, Farzad’s first-class relatives were the car sales managers of the Vajihi family companies, who defrauded this family and in addition to abusing the customers, they also destroyed the funds of the Vajihi family, and this led to the closure of the Vajihi family dealerships. Iran Khodro Farzad dealership will be canceled and there will be many problems for this family, even though they were arrested, but in the end, the Vajihi family was forced to pay about 20 billion tomans of people’s money, but Iran Khodro Diesel dealership continues to He continued his activity, but since their agency had demands from bus drivers… And they didn’t pay, somehow Farzad gave up this industry and rented it, and because of his interest in the financial markets, he entered the gold market transactions.

Between 1393 and 1398, Farzad was widely active in the domestic markets of gold, dollars and coins of Iran, he set up investment rooms and made large investments and became one of the largest traders in the gold market, earning good profits and He was even introduced as the best entrepreneur in Iran in the gold industry and received a certificate of appreciation, and then he set up a trading space where others can enter the Vajihi panel to do their transactions through this, and at that time he held meetings with the FATA police. And part of Aron company’s trading offices were settled abroad. In fact, he started his financial activity in Ahvaz, then Tehran, Istanbul, Stockholm and now he lives in London.

After the Iranian government brought charges against this company, they completely stopped their activities in Iran, although before that they had interactions with the Central Bank of Iran to control the exchange rate, but later due to the unreasonable expectations of some officials who in some way discredited the Vajihi family. Farzad left Iran and continued his business completely outside of Iran, although he has found enemies abroad to attack him.

In the real world, successful traders are not strange people, they do not use strange and mysterious techniques and tools to succeed. All of them entered the market one day like you. They failed, did trial and error, were trained, learned and finally became a successful trader with the help of their training and experience.

The stories of some of these famous traders can remind us that not everyone can achieve huge wealth by entering the trading market and trading stocks, currency, goods or other financial instruments.

Perhaps a look at the origin and life of Farzad Vajihi is not far from grace, his father Alireza Vajihi, Farzad Vajihi’s father was the son of Gholam Hossein Vajihi, who was engaged in the fabric market of Ahvaz in the 40s and a decade later decided to develop his business in transportation. And at the same time, minibus had just entered Iran, he developed his business in this sector, and in 1957, Alireza immigrated to England for studies, and his father started running a car spare parts store after the revolution, although the problems of the war It caused them to settle in the city of Shushtar in Khuzestan province during the war, but during the war, they also developed their activities in Ahvaz.

In the 1960s, Alireza Vajihi’s father, Farzad Vajihi, continued his activities in the store and became successful in this industry due to the supply of various products, and in 1976, he set up an independent Iran Khodro Diesel dealership, and in 1982, he established an Iran Khodro dealership. He also opened and provided service to the oil company and…

The result of Alireza’s marriage in 1964 was two sons named Farzad and Farzin. In 1985, Farzin immigrated to England in high school and now he has only one brother who lives in India.