Kojur of Mazandaran, the Lost Heaven of Tourism
Kojur of Mazandaran, the Lost Heaven of Tourism
TEHRAN – Meisam Gholamali, the model entrepreneur and economic expert, says Kojur District of Mazandaran is the lost heaven and golden opportunity for investment and attracting international tourism enthusiasts.

Kojur of Mazandaran, the Lost Heaven of Tourism

TEHRAN (Iran News) In a ceremony for introducing the tourism investment opportunities and addressing the domestic and foreign reporters, Gholamali said that in line with materialization of the Supreme Leader recommendations regarding the development of tourism industry, the policies of the Second Step of the Revolution and fighting with Iranophobia in the region, Aftab-e Talaee Shomal (Golden Sunshine of North) Cultural and Tourism Group with employing the possible potentials in the field of tourism, real estate, construction and creating modern tourism complexes with art-of-the-state technologies wants to operationalize the biggest technological tourist village project of the region in Kojur District.

The national model entrepreneur added that the intact area of Kojur with 8 hectares is consisted of 62 integrated villages and it has a very beautiful nature and pleasant climate. High level of oxygen of the area, appropriate ratio of green space and easy access to freeway and Tehran-North Freeway are of the other advantages of the district which makes it a good choice for visit and investment.

He added that Kojur also with altitude of 1600 meters above sea level is one of the highest parts if the region and in case of getting support of the related officials, it will lead to creation of over 1500 direct and indirect jobs and it is a good entrepreneurship. He reiterated that this is while implementation of the similar projects in other representatives of Aftab-e Talaee Shomal are of the other targets of this group

Gholamali added that the group is keen both to attract investor and to work with its own investment and it is eager investors to enter the scene in other forms like investing for hospital, clinic, educational space, welfare complexes which are required in the area while with implementation of these projects, the value of real estates and properties of the district will soar.

He then pointed to some tourist attraction sites of Kojur District like Div Spring, Kandolus, Lasht Kenar and other villages that each has its own special beauties.

Gholamali emphasized necessity for identifying the important priorities and offering operational solutions aimed at access to the economic development growth of the province, reiterating that requirement of economic development of the province is both efficient utilization of capacities, existing facilities and jihadi efforts of managers absorbing investor in different sectors.

Kojur District is a district in Nowshahr County, Mazandaran Province, Iran and it is one of the unique and intact areas of Mazandaran Province.

By: Vahid Bahrami