Iran warns against American threat as it pounds terrorist sites
Iran warns against American threat as it pounds terrorist sites
Iran’s Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major General Mohammad Bagheri warned the Americans on Friday that Iran will respond “appropriately,” if the Americans think of taking action against Iranian drones.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –Iran’s Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major General Mohammad Bagheri warned the Americans on Friday that Iran will respond “appropriately,” if the Americans think of taking action against Iranian drones.

Regarding the speculations surrounding the destruction of an Iranian drone by the American forces in northern Iraq, Bagheri said, “If the Americans take action against the Iranian drone, the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran will respond to this hostile action, and we reserve the right of confrontation and revenge for ourselves.”

Bagheri stressed that Iran’s armed forces have complete and accurate information about several bases in northern Iraq, including bases in Harir, Erbil, and Dohuk. “At this point, we are only dealing with terrorists and separationists. We are taking a tough military approach and we do not take any action against the Americans at this point. We are letting them know that the right to avenge this move is reserved for our armed forces and we will deal with it appropriately.”

He then noted that the claims made by the Americans about the destruction of an Iranian combat drone proves that the United States partners with terrorists and separatists and that they are cooperating with separatist and terrorist groups against Iran’s national sovereignty.

He further advised the neighboring countries that host American and Israeli bases, saying that if a hostile act against national security and national interests of Iran occurs from the bases in these neighboring countries, Iran will definitely respond.

Bagheri underscored that Tehran’s friendship with neighboring countries is subject to preserving Iran’s national integrity, and if these conditions are not met and respected, they should expect a logical and mutual response from the Islamic Republic.

“We consider it our legal right to confront any hostile act and the whole world has this right and we will use this right in the appropriate time,” the top commander asserted.

Operation against terrorists will continue until they are eliminated

Following efforts by the terrorist and separatist groups based in the northern Iraq to create chaos and insecurity in Iran, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) ground forces have started a series of operations against the bases that host the agents of these groups since Saturday, September 24.

In the new round of attacks that was carried out on Wednesday, the IRGC ground forces fired over 73 precision-strike missiles and sent suicide drones to target the headquarters and gathering places of the terrorists.

In this regard, the IRGC ground force released a statement on Friday noting that these operations will continue until all terrorists and secessionists are disarmed.

“Following the intensification of the wide-ranging evil acts of separatist and terrorist groups from northern Iraq, and that the role of these groups in being openly involved in the recent unrests have been proven, as well as discovering and neutralizing one of the biggest conspiracies to sabotage Iran’s nuclear facilities by the Komala terrorist group and following the disregard of the officials of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region to Iran’s warnings and dismantling the headquarters of these terrorists, the IRGC ground forces, in a decisive and retaliatory response, identified centers and headquarters of those who had the mission to produce and support the recent evils and put them under heavy fire,” the statement said.

The statement also emphasized the resolute and striking response of the IRGC to the successive evils of these terrorist groups, reminding, “Following the continuation and intensification of the evils and terrorist acts of agents of terrorist groups from northern Iraq, especially in Kurdistan, West Azarbaijan and Kermanshah provinces, and the ineffectiveness of our reminders and warnings to the regional government, this unit started a series of operations against the bases and headquarters of these terrorists using all kinds of missiles, destruction and combat drones, and so far most of the identified targets have been hit and destroyed.”

In the statement, the IRGC ground force emphasized this series of operations will continue “until the terrorist groups are disarmed,” calling on the Iraqi central government and the Iraqi Kurdistan Region to show more seriousness in their responsibilities towards Iran as a neighbor.

Foreign ministry condemns Germany, U.S. interventionist statements

Similarly, the Iranian Foreign Ministry took a strong position against the interventionist statements of the governments of Germany and the United States about Iran’s legitimate operations in northern Iraq.

Nasser Kanaani, spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, on Friday rejected the positions and statements by some countries, including Germany and the United States, regarding the attack by the IRGC on the headquarters of the terrorist groups that carried out terrorist operations in Iran’s territory from the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, which caused internal disturbances in Iran.

The diplomat strongly condemned the statements that fuel riots inside Iran.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly asked the officials of the central government of Iraq as well as the officials of the (Iraqi Kurdistan) Region to prevent the activities of separatist and terrorist agents and groups that work against the Islamic Republic of Iran by exercising territorial sovereignty and taking maximum action,” Kanaani said.

He further stated that Iran has expressed its strong objection both in the form of official letters and in numerous meetings in Tehran, Baghdad and Erbil to the Iraqi Kurdistan Region playing hosts to anti-Iranian terrorist groups.

The spokesman further underscored that as previously warned, Iran reserves its right to defend its national security against acts of aggression from any territory based on international law and the provisions of the United Nations Charter and resolutely confronts any terrorist acts.

“Unfortunately, the countries that issued statements, while violating their international responsibility in fighting terrorism, continue their regrettable habit of selective and discriminatory behavior,” he noted.

At the same time, the spokesman added, these countries issue such unilateral statements showing that they are indifferent to interventions and violations of the sovereignty of regional countries by themselves or others.

Concluding his statement, Kanaani said unlike the countries that issued statements, the Islamic Republic is steadfast in its international commitments and efforts in order to prevent and effectively fight terrorism.

  • source : Tehrantimes