Enemies Sparked Unrest in Iran to Sour Gov’t Success
Enemies Sparked Unrest in Iran to Sour Gov’t Success
President Ebrahim Raisi suggests that the recent unrest in the country has been instigated by enemies to mar his administration’s success.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –President Ebrahim Raisi suggests that the recent unrest in the country has been instigated by enemies to mar his administration’s success.

Speaking at an event to inaugurate six power stations in Zanjan in northwestern Iran on Thursday, Raisi listed a number of achievements that he said his administration had pulled off, and drew comparisons with the past, when he said “some looked to the outside of the country” to generate progress.

“They (the enemies) believed that we would be deterred by sanctions and threats and would be slowed down, but they saw us gaining further momentum. We advance our work by preserving the dignity and might of this system and by relying on God and on homegrown capabilities,” he said, in an apparent reference to his own administration.

“When the enemy saw that its threats had fallen flat, it officially declared that… [its policy of] maximum pressure has been ineffective,” he said.

“The enemy was after isolating Iran, but we made contact with world countries, and what had already been made was enhanced. In the first year of this administration, our trade increased by 40 percent. Our share in the trade and economy and transit of the region is not comparable to the past and something extraordinary has happened,” Raisi said.

“They (the enemies) sought to limit our monetary and financial situation with sanctions, but they saw we were not limited. When they failed in all these conspiracies, they looked to create unrest in the country so the country’s progress and production would stop,” he added afterwards.

Raisi called on those active in trade, business, and manufacturing not to be deterred by “these riots and seditions,” which started in Iran following the death of a young woman in the custody of “morality patrol” agents.

“These riots and seditions shall not in any way weaken your steely resolve. My message to you is this: we will not allow the train of the country’s progress to be slowed down or stopped. These events shall not disappoint you,” he said.

President further noted: “Security is the principle, and all measures are secondary compared to maintaining security; the country’s people should see the hand of the enemy, the conspiracies and intrigues of the enemies who do not want Islamic Iran to grow and develop.

Raisi continued: “My presence at the opening ceremony of the thermal power plant in Zanjan carries the message  to tell all the activists, industrialists and producers of the country, the engineers, employees, workers and hard workers of the country that these issues are not in your decision and will in any way. Don’t let yourself down because the nation will not allow the train of progress and activity of the country to be stopped moving.”


Raisi stated: “Our universities, which are a place for cultivating educated, profitable and influential forces, should be used as a place for increasing knowledge, increasing insight, increasing knowledge and developing the people who are founders of future schools and factories, power plants and all scientific, industrial and agricultural centers.”

“So they should redouble their efforts. The only way to stand against this conspiracy is to do their best and frustrate the enemies.

He added: “Today, students, businessmen, industrialists, professors,, and all people should know that the way to the progress of the country is to raise hope in the hearts of the people and to disappoint the enemy through continuous activities and efforts for the development of the country and production, knowledge-based and job- generating.

“The one which at the beginning of the year, advised by the leader of the revolution, and that this is the only way out