Aron Groups Presence in the Biggest Financial and fintech Event in Dubai
Aron Groups Presence in the Biggest Financial and fintech Event in Dubai
With the presence of the founder of Aron Group Holding, Dr. Farzad Vajihi, as one of the top traders in the Middle East, with more than 10 years of continuous and successful presence in the financial markets, to speak at the largest Middle East Expo which will be held in Dubai on October 19-20.

Aron Groups Presence in the Biggest Financial and fintech Event in Dubai

Irannewsdaily- He is the only Iranian trader who has made the official MQL link of his account publicly available to everyone and his trading account information has attracted the attention of many traders these days.

You should not miss the largest specialized Forex seminar in Dubai, hosted by Aron Group Holding

This seminar is considered a unique opportunity for all interested parties, investors and traders in this field.

In this big event, this holding has invited financial market enthusiasts and activists to create growth and prosperity together.

200 companies from the pioneers of the financial markets are present at the Dubai FinTech Exhibition to draw a more detailed vision of financial markets and stock trading, forex and digital currencies and fintechs.

Due to the fact that Dubai has recently hosted world expos in the industrial and commercial sectors, the presence of financial and consulting giants can once again draw the world’s attention to this city.

Aron Group Holding has added another great service to Aron Investment Fund for supporting you, which will be unveiled at the Dubai Exhibition and information about this fund will be made available to everyone.

This service allows investors to earn without making direct trades. Investors get profit by investing their balance in this account, and the traders of these funds receive a fee from the income for managing these funds.

This investment is considered one of the best investments in the world

This investment method is for people who cannot have enough time to work or participate in the financial markets.

Aron Group’s investment fund has made nearly 195% profit for its shareholders in 2021.