A Clown Named Biden
A Clown Named Biden
Biden has turned into a laughing stock both inside the U.S. and abroad and every time with some behaviors and remarks make the public laugh.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Since taking office in January 2021, U.S. President Joe Biden has turned into a laughing stock both inside the U.S. and abroad and every time with some behaviors and remarks make the public laugh.

On Saturday and reacting to what happened in Evin Prison in Iran, Biden once again opened his mouth for uttering such nonsense remarks against Iran while this President has gotten stuck in the mud in domestic affairs in his country.

Biden said on Saturday that “he was surprised by the courage of the people taking to the streets in protest in Iran.”

Reacting to the nonsense remarks of Biden, Iran’s Foreign Ministry vehemently censured the United States over meddling in the Islamic Republic’s domestic affairs as well as Biden’s support for riots in the country.

“On Saturday, Biden interfered for the umpteenth time in Iran’s state matters by supporting the riots as he has done ever since the outbreak of recent developments in Iran,” Nasser Kanaani said in a statement.

This is not the first time that Biden makes people laugh either in Iran, in the U.S. or in the world as this aging President seems losing control of his month and language.

Iranian officials have repeatedly said that the U.S. is not sincere in its words and have asked the nations especially the Iranians not to trust this arrogant country which has nothing to do but fooling the nations to loot their wealth.

The senior Iranian diplomat highlighted that neither Biden’s comments nor Washington’s meddlesome gestures will not surprise Tehran as intervention, aggression, and killing form the backbone of the US political system.

“Since the 1953 coup d’état up until today, the anti-Iranian policies of the US administration have been well recorded in our minds. And of course, the history and every part of the world would testify the wounds that America’s crimes and violence have inflicted,” Kanaani pointed out.

“You (Americans) are accustomed to fishing in troubled waters,” the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry said.

When Biden launched his presidential election campaigns, he vowed to revive the JCPOA with the Islamic Republic of Iran but he has not fulfilled his electoral promise in almost over one and a half years and he is struggling and his approval rating is falling in the U.S. as once again the nightmare of Donal Trump is re-surfacing for him.

As the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Seyed Ali Khamenei told on Friday, the era of unipolarism has ended and the U.S. or any country will be unable to dominate others or meddle in the domestic affairs of other countries.

The U.S. is well aware that major parts of problems in Iran and other countries is the wrong and hostile policies of Washington and its unilateral and cruel sanctions, and Washington is better to stop preaching for other countries and remove sanctions and not to meddle in the other countries’ affairs.

Tehran does not take seriously the remarks of this president who acts like a clown and has turned into being a laughing stock for the world. So Biden is better to mind his business and focus on the current chaotic condition in the U.S. and he is not in a position to condemn Iran or bully countries like Iran because the U.S. itself is the main violator of human rights.

The Islamic of Iran has always been the real supporter of human rights and peaceful protests but when countries like the U.S. are gotten red-handed in those protests, then it has no option but to find infiltrators among the real protesters and history has shown that mercenaries have always turned, in the world, the peaceful rights into violencet and since Iran is the main target of the enemies, one can expect such violent protests by the elements of the enemies which make the enforcement forces to act in self- defense and this self-defense becomes a pretext for clowns like Biden to resort to baseless claims against the Islamic Revolution of Iran and Iranians have no way but to laugh.