Yemen showcases military might
Yemen showcases military might
The leader of Yemen’s Revolution, Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, says enemy’s efforts to destroy the army have failed as a delegation returns from Amman after holding talks on the truce with Saudi Arabia.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –The leader of Yemen’s Revolution, Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, says enemy’s efforts to destroy the army have failed as a delegation returns from Amman after holding talks on the truce with Saudi Arabia.

Speaking at a military parade where the Yemeni armed forces celebrated the graduation of thousands of new recruits in Hodeidah province; Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi pointed out the goal of the parade was to reassure “our dear people” and deliver “a message to the enemies”.

Sayyed Abdul-Malik hailed the latest recruits to the armed forces saying “our army today is stronger than ever before,” noting that the enemies’ goals to occupy the country and control its people have turned into a mirage and real disappointment due to what he labeled as the shocking events on the ground.

He added, “the Yemeni army now has the honor of representing the people and country in its identity, combat doctrine along with its sincere attitude in defending its people and homeland and its freedom, independence, dignity, and pride.”

Saudi Arabia launched a devastating bombing campaign on its southern neighbor in March 2015. The airstrikes led to the death of hundreds of thousands of people with many women and children killed. The air raids also saw a complete land, air, and sea blockade that caused the United Nations to declare Yemen as the world’s largest humanitarian disaster.

However, the Yemeni armed forces hit back and over the last couple of years, Saudi Arabia saw a steady stream of retaliatory operations that Yemeni officials say stopped the operation from achieving any of its objectives and forced the Saudi coalition to accept a truce.

The truce which has been holding since April has been renewed for an additional two months through October second. However, Yemeni officials have demanded that the U.S.-backed Saudi coalition uphold the humanitarian side of the truce.

The head of a national Yemeni military delegation that had been in Amman to discuss violations of the truce and the opening of roads gave a press conference on his return to Sana’a. Major General Yahya Al-Razami stressed the urgent need to complete and implement the humanitarian aspect of the truce before any military negotiations can take place.

Speaking at Sanaa Airport al-Razami explained the humanitarian aspect is the “payment of salaries, the lifting of restrictions on airports and all other ports, and the lifting of the siege on Yemen completely before engaging in any other discussions or agreements on the military front until a decision is made on the handling of the humanitarian file.”

Addressing the people of Hudaydah which has seen some of the worst fightings during the Saudi onslaught against Yemen he said “they stood with all sincerity and loyalty to their country and their people. I also salute all the people of the neighboring provinces who stood in the back and supported the people of Hudaydah province, as is the case with the rest of the loyal and free people of these people, who stood with all sincerity and diligence in defending this province and the rest of this country”.

He noted that despite the military parade in a city that has repeatedly come under attack there were “tens of thousands” of troops stationed on the front line and the enemies helped motivate the people to turn hardship into opportunities and helped beef up the military capabilities.

He also stressed the failure of the enemies’ efforts to “distance our country from the Palestinian cause under the idea of normalization with the Israeli enemy”, pointing out that Yemen today, both officially and by public demand, is stronger and more adhering to its religiously principled position in support of the Palestinian people and unity among Muslims.

The Ansarallah chief noted the ongoing work to build an army that reached a sufficient level of deterrence against the enemies and to significantly contribute in supporting the nation’s causes foremost of which, he noted, is the Palestinian cause.

He said “the Yemeni army, after cleansing it of all the traitors remained very strong with thousands of loyal officers and tens of thousands of the best sons of this people, from its loyal men, who carry their patriotic responsibility in defending their country, the independence of their country, and the freedom and dignity of their people. Therefore it became an army that is oriented in its tasks and assumes its responsibilities out of its conscious attachment to its homeland, identity and people”.

Sayyed Abdul-Malik renewed his advice to the coalition waging war on Yemen to seize the opportunity of the truce, stop the aggression completely, and end the siege and occupation, calling on them to absorb the lessons that have been demonstrated during the past eight years.

He stressed that the Yemeni people will continue to defend their legitimate rights to freedom and independence, and to constantly strive to lift the unjust siege, pointing out “we are not aggressive, we face aggression, we confront the aggressors, and we strive to achieve real and honorable peace for our dear country and people.”

Yemen’s naval force revealed a new land-to-sea missile including the Falaq 1, that can reach any point in the sea from any Yemeni province. The long-range Mandab 2 missile was also unveiled, which is a winged projective with higher accuracy in targeting and can detect its targets by a radar seeker attached to it. The Mandeb 1 missile, which was previously used to protect the Yemeni coast in the face of attacks, was also on display.

Reports have emerged that the military parade was attended by units of the country’s Fifth Region, the Victory Brigades, the Navy, the Coastal Defense, the Air Force, and the Air Defense. The number of forces participating is said to have been 25,000 troops.

This was followed by a large force of armored vehicles, tanks, and land and sea weapons of all kinds. The army put on display its drone power which was made by local and national experts.

The commander of the Victory Brigades gave a speech, in which he affirmed that “all those affiliated with the Yemeni army will continue in the battle of Yemen until its liberation from the occupation”.

The President of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, said that “the high level that our army has reached is one of the gains of steadfastness in the face of arrogance and aggression.” He stressed that the military will “continue to stand in the face of any dangers that threaten the West Coast region.”

Addressing the countries in the Saudi coalition he added that “what poses a threat to international navigation is your brutal measures and taking pleasure in the suffering of our people. And the fleets that you have mobilized and mobilized near the coasts of our country in order to besiege and destroy it do not terrify the smallest child in our people.”

Al-Mashat stressed that “the Yemeni armed forces are now able to strike any point in the sea from anywhere in Yemen, not only from the coast.”

He explained that “our land and sea weapons have recently been developed, and they are able by land and sea, to hit their targets.” Al-Mashat pointed out that “evading the obligations of the truce and returning to the seizure of ships endanger the truce and will render the agreement worthless”.

  • source : Tehrantimes