A Puppet Called Albania
A Puppet Called Albania
On Wednesday a tiny European country tried to star as hero in the West’s scenario and cut its diplomatic ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran to please the West and enemies of Tehran for enhancing pressure on the Islamic Republic with resorting to false claim of cyberattacks.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – On Wednesday a tiny European country tried to star as hero in the West’s scenario and cut its diplomatic ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran to please the West and enemies of Tehran for enhancing pressure on the Islamic Republic with resorting to false claim of cyberattacks.

Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama on Wednesday announced the decision in a video message, giving Iranian diplomats and embassy staff 24 hours to leave the country. “This extreme response…is fully proportionate to the gravity and risk of the cyberattack that threatened to paralyze public services, erase digital systems, and hack into state records, steal government intranet electronic communication, and stir chaos and insecurity in the country,” he claimed.

The statement cited the United States’ National Security Council and Israeli media outlets’ expeditious welcoming of the Albanian government’s move, saying this “bespeaks existence of a choreographed plan aimed at political atmosphere against the Islamic Republic.”

We all know it well that Albania has turned into a haven for the Iranian terrorist group MKO where the group engineers plots against the Islamic Republic of Iran and therefore such an accusation by this pint-size country is not something strange at least for us Iranians and it is not the first time this tiny state locks horns with Tehran.

Albania took in around 3,000 members of the MKO terrorist group in 2016 at the request of Washington, after the group was disowned by Iraq and snubbed by many European countries. The anti-Iran terrorist group based in Albania has carried out numerous acts of terrorism on Iranian soil since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, killing senior political leaders, clerics and ordinary civilians.

This claim comes at a time when the talks on revival of the nuclear agreement JCPOA are in their final stage and the Zionist regime and the ill-wishers of Iran do not like this agreement to be signed and they pull together all of their force and plots to push the talks towards a failure.

Since Albania is a NATO member its claim against Tehran will involve other NATO members in this dispute, and increases the pressure on Iran while we know that the European Union, Canada, the United States, and Japan had previously listed the MKO as a “terrorist organization”.

In 2012, the group was taken off the U.S. list of terrorist organizations. The EU followed the suit, removing the group from its list of terrorist organizations.

Albanian government as the puppet of the MKO and Zionist regime in a strange and improper action forced the Iranian diplomats to leave Albania and this behavior enraged Tehran. Iran’s Foreign Ministry voiced concern about reports of inappropriate conduct of Albanian authorities toward the Iranian embassy and its staff in the capital, Tirana, saying Albania will be responsible for any acts of violation against the Islamic Republic’s diplomatic mission in the Balkan country.

Nasser Kanaani, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, made the remark after media reports said Albanian police forces had illegally entered the Iranian embassy in Tirana and conducted search operations in the empty diplomatic mission following the severance of ties between the two countries.

Albanian special police forces, wearing masks and helmets and carrying automatic rifles, were said to have violated the compound of Iran’s diplomatic mission after two cars with diplomatic plates had left.

The reports said the Albanian police were inside the diplomatic mission for 30 minutes and searched the building which still flew the Iranian flag.

“If the reports by media outlets are true, this was a behavior contrary to international law and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Rights,” Kanaani said.

He added that Iran holds the Albanian government accountable for any act of violation targeting its embassy in Tirana.

Under international law, embassies and consulates receive special protection and immunity and are regarded as the territory or “soil” of the sending state.

The trespassing took place a day after Albania, which has for years hosted anti-Iran terrorists in collusion with the US, severed diplomatic ties with Tehran, accusing it of orchestrating a July “cyberattack” against Tirana.

The pint-sized country should know that if Tehran decides to give a proper response it will give and it is better not to mess with Tehran because even big world powers do not dare to mess with Iran and Albania is too weak to lock horns with the Islamic establishment.

The West and especially NATO members are better to stop blame game and confirming Albania’s claim of Iran’s cyberattacks because Iran for years has been itself the victim of cyberattacks and they are better to resort to other pretexts to put Tehran under pressure.

NATO and its allies has become a “safe haven” for the anti-Iranian terrorist organization MKO. NATO and its allies, claiming to fight international terrorism, have turned a blind eye on the fact that a terrorist cult has found a safe haven in NATO member countries, turning them into operational headquarters to launch the widest imaginable spectrum of malicious acts against Iran.

We hope Albania would come to its senses and stop housing the terrorist group MKO and restore diplomatic ties with Tehran because Iran does not like to cut diplomatic ties with other countries but it does not mean that it will bow to any bully under the pretext of cyberattack because such pretexts and assimilations will not affect the strong determination of the Islamic Republic of Iran for fighting for its rights and standing firmly against the bullies of the West and Zionists.