Tehran, Dakar Explore Ways for Broadening Economic Ties
Tehran, Dakar Explore Ways for Broadening Economic Ties
Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization held a meeting to review economic and investment opportunities in Iran and Senegal and in the meeting both sides explored ways for broadening ties.

TEHRAN (Iran News) –Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization held a meeting to review economic and investment opportunities in Iran and Senegal and in the meeting both sides explored ways for broadening ties.

Director General of Africa in Trade Promotion Organization Mr. Mohammad Sadeq Ghannadzadeh, Iran’s Ambassador to Senegal Mr. Dehshiri, Ambassador of Senegal to Tehran Mr. Saliou Niang Dieng and some of Iranian traders who are interested in investment in Senegal attend the meeting which was hosted by the Trade Promotion Organization.

In the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Ghannadzadeh pointed to the importance of the African continent in the issue of trade and providing raw materials required by the production unit of the country, added that this continent is rich in natural and God given materials and ant thing that industrial countries need is available in this continent.

He added that so for this reason most of countries in the world have broadened their trade ties with African states that he can point to China and Turkey as best examples that they have increased their trade with Africa to $260-$300b.

He pointed to Iran’s negligence regarding the trade with Africa in the past years and criticized it and said that since the current government took office, Iran could broaden its trade with African states with a change in its approach in a way that in the first four months of the current years, two African states have moved into Iran’s top 20 trade partners.

Ghannadzadeh reiterated that the view of this government is the existing capacities for trade with countries and it does consider names and brands. He added that for examples countries like Mauritius which is unknown to most Iranians has progressed considerably in the fields of monetary and banking and it is considered as Singapore of Africa and now Iran has started interaction with this country and last week Tehran hosted a 60-man delegation from Mauritius.

He then pointed to the issuance of licenses for the launch of 7 trade centers in Africa, adding that currently 3 trade centers are active in this continent and expressed hope the number would reach 10 by the yearend. He stated these centers are considered as Iran’s economic and commercial embassies and they are tasked to offer services to traders.

Meanwhile Ambassador of Senegal to Tehran Mr. Dieng, for his part, welcomed presence of Iranian traders and investors in his country and said that in a full coordination, embassies of both countries issue visas in the shortest time.

He then pointed to the efforts of the two countries for doing big jobs, adding that economic bonds can be one of those jobs. He noted that Senegal has fallen behind in terms of technology and few plants are active in this country and it is a good opportunity for the presence of Iranian investors.

Dieng reiterated that anyone who sets up a plant in Senegal will be exempt from tax and customs tariff, adding that there is an industrial park in Senegal which can be a special zone for the presence of Iranians and Senegal government provides ground for the presence of Iranians in this park.

Then Iran’s ambassador to Senegal Mr. Dehshiri, for his part, said that there are ten reasons for investment and trade in Senegal and said that the first reason is that Senegal enjoys a political and security stability and since its independence, the country has not seen war or coup d’etat.

He then said that the second reason is that economic growth in Senegal has been constant and the country has witnessed good economic progress, noting that the third reason is that this Muslim population and the religious closeness to Iranians.

Dehshiri added that by the way Senegal is a member of economic union in cooperation with 15 countries and having free trade with them, stating that this country is a gateway for entering 15 African states and by investment and production, one can enter those countries with zero tariff rate for its exports.

He then pointed to the experience of presence and investment of Iranians in this country, and said that Iran’s giant car-maker Iran Khodro has invested in Senegal and Iran Khodro products are used as taxis and Police vehicles and Senegalese people have positive view on Iranian products.

He then pointed to several fields for investment in Senegal like iron mines.

Senegal, officially the Republic of Senegal, is a country in West Africa. Senegal is bordered by Mauritania in the north, Mali to the east, Guinea to the southeast, and Guinea-Bissau to the southwest.