Fundamental changes in the construction industry of New Uzbekistan
Fundamental changes in the construction industry of New Uzbekistan
In the Republic of Uzbekistan the construction sector is keeping up with the times and, despite the epidemiological situation, with state support, large-scale reforms are being carried out in the country to increase commercial and industrial construction works in line with international modern standards.

Fundamental changes in the construction industry of New Uzbekistan

TEHRAN (Iran News) Thus, according to statistics, construction volumes in 2018 in Uzbekistan amounted to 51.1 trillion sum, in 2020 88.1 trillion sum, in 2021 107.4 trillion sum, and at the end of August, 2022 45 trillion sum. Additionally, in 2021 alone, 64,500 houses were built.

«Yangi Uzbekiston», «Obod qishloq», «Obod mahalla» are state projects, due to which dramatic changes are taking place in the construction industry of Uzbekistan. For example, as part of the project «Yangi Uzbekiston», approved by the Presidential Decree «On measures for the construction of «Yangi Uzbekiston» and ensuring the socio-economic development of regions» on December 9, 2021, it is planned to provide housing for more than 250 families in the next five years. In 2021 alone, 619 houses with 21,312 apartments were built in 29 makhallas (villages). Next to them, it is planned to build 18 general education schools, 24 pre-school educational organizations and 15 medical institutions. As part of another important project «Obod qishloq», the master plans of 413 makhallas, located in the remote regions of the country with complex natural and climatic conditions, are developed. According to the 2023-2027 program, it is planned to draw up projects on making changes to the master plans of 17 cities, 229 towns, 649 kishlaks (auls) and work on developing 200 new master plans for cities.

New Uzbekistan

The projects are aimed not only at the construction of housing and commercial buildings, but also at the job creation. Uzbekistan also pays due attention to the construction workers and to the protection of their rights. On the initiative of President of Uzbekistan, since 2017 the second Sunday of August is celebrated as “the Day of Construction Workers of the Republic of Uzbekistan”. Moreover, due attention is paid to personnel and their qualification. Under the Ministry of Education of Uzbekistan there are 12 specialized secondary educational institutions and 2 colleges. Students are trained in 425 construction organizations. Nine training centers for qualified professionals have been set up in the Ministry’s specialized secondary institutions. According to the resolution of the President «On measures to fundamentally improve the system of qualification assessment and supply of the labor market with qualified personnel» from December 31, 2020 in the regions are created centers of qualification assessment, who will assess professional competence at the level of labour market requirements.

In Uzbekistan, the Tashkent Architectural and Construction Institute plays an important role in the training of construction personnel.

In particular, in August 10, 2022, the President Sh.M.Mirziyoyev opened a new building of the Institute, which was built in accordance with the requirements of international standards. In a short time, several high-rise buildings were built, which housed a research center for building materials, laboratories, sports complex and dormitory of the institute.

At the moment, the Institute prepares specialists in 22 bachelor’s and 25 master’s fields. For the year 2022/2023, more than 1,600 quotas have been allocated for students. Thus, the number of students in the educational institution will exceed 7,500. The educational program of the Institute includes such faculties as: designing infrastructure of «smart» houses and cities, occupational safety and health, as well as other directions, corresponding to the requirements of the time.


Batir Zakirov

Ministry of construction of the Republic of Uzbekistan