Farzad Vajihi is the best Iranian trader and forex analyst
Farzad Vajihi is the best Iranian trader and forex analyst
The world of forex and financial markets is amazing and exciting, and contrary to popular belief there are only a handful of traders who can enter forex with a small amount of capital and turn it into millions.

Farzad Vajihi is the best Iranian trader and forex analyst

TEHRAN (Iran News) Who are the best digital currency traders in Iran and the world? How are these people chosen? Do the best traders in Iran and the world have training courses? To answer these questions, you should read the rest of the article to get to know the best Iranian trader. All people who work professionally in a field are looking for a model and the elite in that field. You must also want to know what planning and performance these people had for success. If you are not familiar with the criteria for identifying the best traders in Iran, read this report. Modeling successful people will motivate you to think about your path to success and focus on the important issues of your work.

Looking at the history of the stock market and forex in the world, we see that from the beginning until now, a large number of traders have won large sums of money in the financial markets and have even been among the best forex traders, but among them only few people survived and managed to continue their winning streak forever.

The forex market is a financial market and it is the largest financial market in the world, which is used to convert the currencies of countries and the monetary policies of the central banks of the world. Most of the countries of the world are present in the forex market and have the opportunity to benefit from this useful market. The reason for the importance of forex for the countries of the world is that through this market they have the possibility of providing the currencies needed for import and export. Also, through this market, developed countries can control the value of their country’s currency and improve their country’s economy. The forex market is very complicated, but as a trader, you don’t need to know all these things and you only need to know how to work with forex brokers. We Forex traders are known as a small part of this market, and to trade in it, we must use Forex brokers like stock brokerages and register in them.

The stories of some of these famous traders can serve as a reminder that not everyone can make huge fortunes by entering the stock market and trading stocks, currencies, commodities or other financial instruments. Enter capital into Forex and turn it into millions, and Farzad Vajihi, Master Aron, was one of them.

A very important issue, which is the criterion for identifying the best trader in Iran, is the continuation of profitability in different periods of time and of course in the long term. Definitely, if someone can experience regular and continuous profit making for more than two years and has not changed his trading style during this period, we can introduce him as one of the best traders in the country.

Undoubtedly, Vajihi is known as the best Iranian trader with 9 years of consecutive and successful presence in the financial markets, forex, digital currencies, international stocks, energy and metals.

All the characteristics of a professional trader are gathered in him; His incredible risk-taking, his countermeasures in reading potential movements in the stock market, derivatives and commodities and for bearing huge losses as well as increasing his wealth (according to reports, his income was up to 150 million dollars) and most importantly his transparency in transactions.

Vajihi has complete transparency in displaying live trades almost continuously on his Instagram page, has a trading statement with a sufficient track record and is exposed to the public, and also offers professional and free training courses.

The set of mentioned features, in addition to the foundation of his personal trading strategy, which he created with careful and extensive price study, currently introduces him as the best trader in Iran in Forex.

In addition to his success as a trader in the financial markets, he founded Aron Groups International Holdings, which currently supports more than one million users.

It also manages the Aron investment fund, which in 2021 had approximately 192% return for the fund’s shareholders.

Vajihi is not only known as the best Iranian trader with a very high volume of daily transactions (estimated to be around 10 million dollars per day), but he is also among the best in the world’s forex market.

He has been ranked among the world’s top traders on the famous and reliable MQL site, and the trading account balance connected to the MQL website as well as his trading account information have been noted.

But how did the path to success of Iran’s best trader go?

Vajihi, born in 1367 in Ahvaz, has an academic degree, a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a doctorate in economics, he started his business with car trading, which was his family business, and then entered the financial markets.

Between 1393 and 1398, he was widely active in the domestic markets of gold, dollars and coins of Iran, set up investment rooms and made large investments, and then entered the international markets.

He started his financial activity in Ahvaz, then Tehran, Istanbul, Stockholm and now he lives in London. He got married in 2016, and the result of this marriage is a 10-year-old son named Aaron.

Looking at the lives of successful people in the financial and forex markets, one big point is noticed; There is bound to be failure for everyone in the course of transactions, but people like Vajihi heroically pushed aside the obstacles and tried many times to find a way beyond the impossible and they continue to try so hard to achieve continued profitability.

Of course, one should not ignore his good capital management strategy and his unique trading style, which has had a significant impact on overcoming the failures and obstacles of the forex winding road.

Has the story of the best Iranian trader inspired you? Maybe you are the next person on the list of the best.