Rude and Pint-Size Like Bahrain
Rude and Pint-Size Like Bahrain
Some countries sometimes boast as if they are big powers but they are actually too petty to talk biggy and Bahrain is one of the so-called countries which act like big ones but it is too small to do so.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Some countries sometimes boast as if they are big powers but they are actually too petty to talk biggy and Bahrain is one of the so-called countries which act like big ones but it is too small to do so.

On Wednesday and in a meeting in Manama, Bahrain once again showed its anti-Iran feeling by a baseless claim against Tehran. Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifah met with visiting Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in the capital Manama, where they accused Iran of meddling in the affairs of Arab countries.

They also charged Tehran with non-compliance with the principles of good neighborliness, and destabilizing activities.

Additionally, Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdullatif bin Rashid al-Zayani repeated the anti-Iran claims in a joint press conference with his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry.

Reacting to this baseless claim, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan’ani denounced the recent joint statement by Bahraini and Egyptian authorities about the nuclear and defense doctrines of the Islamic Republic, saying Tehran’s defense and missile capabilities never pose a threat to neighboring states.

Kan’ani dismissed the anti-Iran allegations as “baseless, biased and unconstructive,” stressing that they were made in the pursuit of certain objectives and motives.

He called on Manama and Cairo to acquire a true understanding of regional equations, and take note of the role that the Islamic Republic of Iran plays as to establishment and promotion of stability across the Middle East.

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry went on to criticize the two Arab countries’ stubborn insistence on following the wrong path of Iranophobia, stating that such an approach is far away from wisdom and serves the interests of the Israeli regime in the region.

“Safeguarding and protecting nuclear achievements is an inalienable right of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Kan’ani said, emphasizing that Tehran’s defense and missile capabilities are promoted “based on the country’s strategic policies, fall within the framework of its defense doctrine and by no means constitute a threat to neighboring states.”

The Iranian diplomat further highlighted that the Islamic Republic is willing to maintain and expand relations with its neighbors as well as Arab and Muslim countries, stressing that the incumbent administration has devoted considerable efforts to that goal.




Iran has reaffirmed its good neighbor policy in dealing with regional countries, reassuring its neighbors that Tehran’s missile and nuclear programs are civilian in nature and serve the security of the region.

Tehran’s influence and the power of the Islamic Revolution is the main concern of Bahrain and even Egypt because those countries are concerned about spread of the Islamic Revolution’s ideology and principles in the Muslim world and their leaders fear their fates and uprising of their nations.

The Islamic Republic of Iran since its foundation in 1979 has tried to promote Islamic values among the Muslim states and it has been to some extent successful and this is the point which frightens Bahrain and Egypt which are in power by military power rather than election.

Bahrain and Egypt are run by un-elected rulers although Egyptian President runs the country after winning in a one-sided election by imprisoning major contenders. So the rulers of these two countries fear about their future and awakening of their nations inpursuing the path of the Islamic Revolution in gaining independence and fighting with the Zionists.

The influence of the Islamic Revolution is fully clear for every person and Tehran does not need to interfere in the domestic affairs of Arab countries because its ideology finds its way and it needs no physical presence or interference. So the tiny Bahrain is better to mind its own business and stop accusing Tehran because it is too weak to mess with Tehran. Bahraini rulers by normalization of ties with Israel have shown their dependence on the West and the Zionists, and they act what the Zionists dictate.

Of course whenever Iran’s nuclear talks reach its climax, we can expect such baseless claims from any hostile country and what came from Manama was not surprising and more will come but these rubbish claims cannot jolt the pillars of the Islamic Revolution and countries like Bahrain act in a way to please their lords and Western allies.

Bahrain like some other undemocratic rulers do not sleep the nights well because of awakening among their nations which any moment can bring their rulers down and countdown has begun for the full awakening of Muslim nations and they will win because of the global achievements of the Islamic Revolution and its worldwide influence.

So influence of the Islamic Revolution and its ideals have turned into a thorn in the eyes of some hostile countries and Bahrain is the one with sleepless nights of popular uprising. It is just a matter of time.