Winning World Third Place in Creativity and Innovation in Dam Engineering by the Biggest Iranian Knowledge-Based Co.
Winning World Third Place in Creativity and Innovation in Dam Engineering by the Biggest Iranian Knowledge-Based Co.
Mahab Ghodss Knowledge-Based Company with 1500 top elite engineers in the first decade of exporting technical and engineering services sped past its major Canadian and European rivals in the creativity and innovation in the field of dam construction in the world.

Winning World Third Place in Creativity and Innovation in Dam Engineering by the Biggest Iranian Knowledge-Based Co.

Irannewsdaily- According to the public relations of Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Company, following the meeting of the Innovation Awards Committee of the International Commission on Large Dams in 2021 (ICOLD Innovation Award), the third world title and bronze medal was awarded to the Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers and Mahab Ghodss Knowledge-Based Company.

This honor has been awarded to the experts of Mahab Ghodss Company and the Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers for the scientific breakthrough presented in the project of saving Cheshmeh Bell.

The official prize of this competition was awarded to the members of Mahab Ghodss team a couple of days ago and during the 27th Congress and 90th Annual Meeting of the International Commission on Large Dams in France.

The plan to move the Bell Spring estuary to a higher level was presented by Nasser Tarkeshdouz, Hassan Shafa Talab and Khashayar Solgi in order to preserve this valuable national treasure, and could win the third place and bronze medal creativity and innovation plan in the world dam industry while France and China finished first and second, respectively.

Cheshmeh Bell, a roaring and clear spring, is one of the cleanest and highest quality mineral water springs in the country with an average flow of 2000 liters per second in the west of the country, in the city of Paveh and the border of Kermanshah and Kurdistan provinces. Since the location of the spring was in the reservoir of Darian Dam, after water intake, Darian Dam was submerged under a water column with a height of 110 meters and this God-given and valuable natural source was destroyed. Due to the importance of this issue and the commitment of the country’s water industry to it, a project was defined as saving the Bell spring and in April 2010 by the employer of the Darian Dam project (Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company) to Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Company Was assigned.

After that, Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Company, as an engineering duty, used all its technical efforts and expertise to accurately and meticulously know the geological conditions, identify natural and underground channels of Cheshmeh Bell to have a correct understanding of the solution problem. Provide practical and efficient to save the spring.

Studies at the Bell spring outlet (which included drilling various boreholes, galleries or tunnels, geophysical operations, as well as diving) showed that about 40 m below the level of the spring was a natural tunnel with a diameter between 3 Up to 4 meters of water from the heart of karst limestone in the form of a siphon leads to the outlet of the spring and the rock around the natural channel was a hard and impenetrable rock. In these studies, two old dry craters related to the past were identified, one at a height of about 52 meters and the other at a level of about 28 meters above the Bell spring. These signs indicated that if the bottleneck of the spring could be blocked in a suitable place in the heart of the earth, it would be possible to transfer the spring water to higher and even higher levels than the level of Darian Dam Lake and protect the spring from danger. Saved from drowning and destruction. Another proof of this claim was the feeding of Bell spring from mountainous snow-covered heights with levels between 2000 and 3000 meters above sea level, which showed that the aquifer of this spring has this potential due to its location at levels much higher than Darian Dam Lake. Overcome the level of Darian Dam Lake. In other words, the Cheshmeh aquifer has the ability to create the necessary water pressure to drain water or transfer it to a higher level than Darian Dam Lake, provided that the flow path to the natural manifestation can be blocked in a suitable place and the water can reach a higher point. Moved out of the dam lake.

Finally, the natural canal, which had been identified with the help of detailed and unique studies, was blocked with concrete at a depth of 40 meters by digging a shaft or a well 2 meters in diameter in the heart of the rock before the water reached the natural appearance of the spring. The spring water entered the metal pipes that were placed inside the shaft, then through a horizontal tunnel and then a 110-meter vertical shaft, which were also drilled in the heart of the mountain with a completely “creative and innovative design of the whole spring water without Pumping and using only the natural pressure of the aquifer, in June 2015, it was transferred to a height of about 118 meters above its natural appearance and outside the reservoirs.

The rescue operation of Cheshmeh Bell is based solely on internal knowledge and ability and can be said to be a great achievement and unique experience in the country.

Cheshmeh Bell resuscitation and treatment studies are the result of 9 years of efforts of Mahab Ghods, which in addition to being unique in technical aspects, due to its social considerations, is also a symbol of social responsibility of Mahab Ghodss Company.