Sometimes one can get confused and may get crazy when he or she sees something which is denied in the daylight while it is crystal clear and biased.

TEHRAN (Iran News) – Sometimes one can get confused and may get crazy when he or she sees something which is denied in the daylight while it is crystal clear and biased.

Last week the UN Secretary General António Guterres released a report on human rights in Iran and he accused Tehran of violating human rights issues in the country while this major international body everyday sees violations of human rights by the West and Israeli regime but gives no heed to them.

Speaking before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Tuesday, UN deputy human rights chief Nada Al-Nashif presented Guterres’ latest report, which strongly criticized Iran over executions in the country and other issues.

“The secretary general is deeply concerned by the increase of executions, including for drug-related offenses,” Al-Nashif said. Guterres also claimed that Iran has used coercive measures against dissidents.

Reacting to this biased report, Iran’s Foreign Minister Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh dismissed as politically motivated a recent report by Guterres on human rights in Iran, saying the Islamic Republic remains committed to promoting human rights, irrespective of the fact that the report was based on false claims made by terrorists.

Khatibzadeh said on Tuesday that Iran has sent its detailed comments and arguments on each and every paragraph of the UN chief’s report to his office but Iran’s response has been regrettably neglected.

The report “is based on false claims and documents based on unreliable sources, and therefore, the main text of the report is mainly based on the contents of the claims and accusations of hostile groups and terrorist cults,” he said.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman explained that the Islamic Republic continues to be fully committed to promoting human rights due to its religious beliefs and legal obligations and is ready to cooperate with UN human rights bodies.

He said the report fails to mention the responsibility of those behind anti-Iran sanctions and refuses to acknowledge the negative and destructive effects of inhumane US sanctions against the country.

Meanwhile in a statement on Tuesday, the Iranian Judiciary’s High Council for Human Rights also criticized the UN chief’s statement, saying it was a “non-reflection of the country’s human rights developments and achievements.”

It said granting the mandate of compiling a country-specific report to the secretary-general on human rights, while there is an international expert mechanism in this regard, is basically “unreasonable and illogical as well as both unnecessary and unprofessional.”


Meanwhile, Khatibzadeh also described a recent UN General Assembly resolution about the situation of human rights in Iran as “politically motivated” and “unfair.”

This is not the first  and will not the last time that Iran is accused of violating human rights and each time that nuclear talks or some regional developments are in favor of Tehran, suddenly such a report on human rights violation resurfaces in order to put pressure on Iran for giving concessions or pushing it back from its rightful demands.

In recent days most of the world media have covered the UK government’s decision for deporting asylum-seekers to Rwanda against their wills and people inside and outside the country has protested to this decision but the British government is determined to do it but at the same time the UN and its Human Rights commissioner is watching this horrible violation of human rights without taking any serious action or condemning it.

For years the Zionist regime has been violating the rights of the Palestinians and it still continues this atrocity without getting due reaction and punishment from the UN and even it is getting bolder for more bloodshed due to the full support of the major Western powers.

Several people in Iran have been assassinated by the Zionists or their elements in the country but the UN has avoided condemning officially the Zionists or issuing a statement against this fake regime.

Iranians recommend the UN Chief and this major international body to stop politicizing the issues and taking unfair stands against the country because this double-standard approach to the human rights will lead to the loss of credibility of the UN and emergence of mistrust against this international body.

The problem is that definition of human rights in every country is different and for this reason the West misuse of this and tries to impose its own style definition which is not acceptable for many countries. The UN and the West should not expect Iran to close its eyes over violation of laws by its citizens because everybody should abide by the law and any violation of the law should face punishment and it is natural in all countries. But the problem is that the West and unfortunately the UN sticks to their own laws and they do not give a damn on the domestic laws of other countries which have been approved by parliaments whose representatives have been elected by the public.

The Islamic Revolution of Iran follows the laws of Islam which are not accepted by the West and the UN, and for this reason such biased and West-oriented human rights violation report is released against Tehran.

The UN is recommended to have a fair approach to this important human issue and not to resort to politicizing the issue and to release such anti-Iran reports whenever the country is achieving some success or strengthening its position in the country, mainly, nuclear talks which are in their final stages.

Currently the UN is like a strange world with its strange decisions and approaches and this double-standard approach and world harms the credibility of this body.