Farzad Vajihi Successful Iranian Trader
Farzad Vajihi Successful Iranian Trader
Successful traders in both Forex and digital currencies are those who trade in different financial markets due to their knowledge and experience, and if they have sufficient skills in this field, they can make a significant profit.

Farzad Vajihi Successful Iranian Trader

TEHRAN (Iran News) Professional traders trade by analyzing financial markets and relying on their knowledge. The financial market in which the currencies of different countries are traded is called Forex. Forex trading is very profitable. And has a very high liquidity. In the continuation of this article, we will introduce the best digital currency traders in Iran.


Since the formation of the New York Stock Exchange in 1792, traders in the financial markets have made large sums of money; In the meantime, some of them continue their chain of wins forever, but others only get lucky once and then lose all their assets.


There are no exact statistics available to determine how many Iranian traders are operating in the financial market at different times. This is a difficult question to determine the best Iranian trader in Forex and digital currency.

The stories of some of these famous traders can remind us that not everyone can make a fortune by entering the stock market and trading stocks, currencies, commodities or other financial instruments.

There are only a handful of traders who can enter Forex with a small amount of capital and turn it into millions, and Farzad Vajihi, Aaron’s master, was one of them.


A very important issue, which is the criterion for identifying the best trader in Iran, is the continuation of profitability at different times and of course for a long time. Certainly, if someone can have experienced regular and continuous profitability for more than two years and has not changed his trading style during this period, we can introduce him as one of the top traders in the country.

Undoubtedly, Farzad Vajihi is known as the best Iranian trader with 9 consecutive years of successful presence in the financial markets, Forex, digital currencies, international stocks and energy and metals.

All the features of a professional trader are gathered in him; His incredible risk-taking, his reciprocal approach to reading potential movements in the stock market, derivatives and commodities to bear huge losses, as well as increasing his wealth (reportedly up to $ 150 million) and, most importantly, his transparency in trading.

Farzad Vajihi has full transparency in displaying live transactions almost continuously on his Instagram page, has a long-standing trading status statement that has been exposed to the public, and offers professional and free training courses.

The above-mentioned feature set, in addition to the foundation of his personal trading strategy, which he has created with careful and high price study, now introduces him as the best Iranian trader in Forex.

In addition to its success as a financial market trader, it has established Aaron Groups International Holding, which currently supports more than one million users.

It also manages Aaron Investment Fund, which in 2021 was approximately 192 percent profitable for the fund’s shareholders.

Farzad Vajihi with a very high volume of daily trades (estimated at $ 10 million daily) is not only known as the top Iranian trader, but also among the best in the world Forex market.

He is ranked among the top traders in the world on the famous and reputable MQL site, and his trading account balance connected to MKVL website as well as his trading account information have been noticed.

But how did the success of the best trader in Iran go?

Farzad Vajihi, born in 1988 in Ahvaz, started his career in car trading, which was their family business, and then entered the financial markets.

Between 1393 and 1398, he was active in the domestic markets of gold, dollars and coins of Iran, set up investment chambers and made large investments, and then entered the international markets.

He started his financial activity in Ahvaz and then, Tehran, Istanbul, Stockholm and now lives in London. He got married in 2007 and the result of this marriage is a 10-year-old boy named Aaron.

Looking at the lives of successful people in the financial and forex markets is a big surprise; That there is definitely failure for everyone in the course of transactions, but people like Farzad Vajihi heroically overcame obstacles and tried again and again to find a way beyond the impossible and continue to strive until they achieve continued profitability.

Of course, one should not overlook his good capital management strategy and unique trading style, which has had a great impact on overcoming the breaks and obstacles of the tortuous Forex route.

Has the story of the best Iranian trader inspired you? Maybe you are next on the list of the best.